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    Note: We often make new features and services available to only a subset of users so we can learn from user behavior and resolve issues. This means that sometimes different user experiences are available simultaneously, which helps us make our products better for all users.

    GoTo Mobile - April, May, & June, 2022

    June (Android 0.0.1626 / iOS 1.0.64)

    May (Android 0.0.1584 / iOS 1.0.63)

    April (Android 0.0.1555 / iOS 1.0.61)


    • [Voice] Call Announce & Screening: You can now better handle your incoming calls by either getting announced the extension the call was received on, or asking callers for their name.
    • [Voice] Instant Response: Do not worry about missing calls ever again. You can now send an automated response message (April).
    • [Messaging] Group Texting is now available. You can select up to 10 recipients when you create a new SMS group conversation (May).


    • [Meeting] Local device calendar sync is available (even for guest users) (May).


    • [Messaging] Fixed some performance issues.
    • [Messaging] Fixed an issue with internal number support.
    • [Meeting] Fixed an issue where mobile attendees were not being counted in meeting reports (May).
    • [Meeting] Fixed issues with joining meetings from an external link (April).
    • [Meeting] Fixed video issue when transitioning from wifi to mobile network (April).
    • [General] Various bug fixes and improvements (all releases).

    Contact Center - June 2, 2022

    Supervisors can monitor chat queues

    Supervisors can now watch their agent's chat conversations in real-time from their dashboard.

    Contact Center - May 26, 2022


    • Agents can now see a history of calls, notes, and tags for any contact they create and link calls to in the omnichannel customer information view when on an active call.

    Contact Center - May 16, 2022


    • You can now share your custom boards in the Analytics view! If sharing with another admin, they can make changes. If sharing with a non-admin user on your account, it will be a readonly copy.

    Contact Center - May 12, 2022

    Omnichannel Customer Information View

    Agents can now save and edit contacts as well as add notes and tags to those contacts during a call.


    • The left navigation of the Supervisor view in the GoTo app has been refreshed to the new styling.

    Phones and Accessories - April 28, 2022

    We now support the Yealink CP925 and CP965 as well as the CPW65 wireless mics for the CP965 conference phone.

    Contact Center - April 21, 2022


    Agents can now launch a co-browse experience with customers when their chat conversations need more visual assistance.

    Contact Center - April 14, 2022

    GoTo Contact Center Free Trial

    GoTo is introducing a 30-day free trial of GoTo Contact Complete starting today!


    • There is a webchat plugin for WordPress available now

    System-generated Email Changes - March 28, 2022


    System-generated Email Changes
    Our email domains are changing for all system-generated emails. We highly recommend updating your email account rules and filters with the new addresses to prevent future emails being routed to spam.

    GoTo Mobile (Android 0.0.1528 / iOS 1.0.61)- March 20, 2022


    • [General] An entire set of new contact properties (Web/Desktop will follow shortly)


    • [Voice] Get notified when a call is tagged as suspected spam
    • [Meeting] Now showing all countries and toll/toll free numbers when using PSTN
    • [General] Various smaller usability enhancements


    • [Voice] Android: Fixed calls not initiating when contacts are configured without names
    • [Meeting] Multiple issues related to camera state were fixed
    • [Training] Fixed issues related to joining session, evaluation page, and UI

    Contact Center - March 24, 2022


    • Facebook channels now supports all MMS file attachments
    • Instagram channels now support image file attachments
    • Exported reports now show data in seconds rather than milliseconds

    Contact Center - March 3, 2022

    Instragram channel available for chat queues

    You can now add your Instagram business account as a channel on your chat queue(s) to allow your agents to communicate with customers through Instragram.

    GoTo Mobile (Android 0.0.1483 / iOS 1.0.59)- February 20, 2022


    • [Meeting] Schedule any type of meeting from your mobile device.
    • [Training] Join any GoToTraining from your mobile device.


    • [Voice] Performance improvements & bug fixes.
    • [General] Various small usability enhancements.


    • [Messaging] Android: Fixed an issue with autofocus when sending a new text message.
    • [Messaging] iOS: Fixed an issue where a blank screen was displayed when creating a new channel.

    Contact Center - February 17, 2022

    Priority Management for Queues

    You can now add weight scores to your queues to tell the system which queue calls should take precedence over others when agents are in multiple queues with waiting callers.

    End Wrap Up Time

    You can now allow agents and supervisors to end wrap up time early as needed so that they can get back to taking calls as soon as they are ready.


    Chat Settings

    You have options now for changing your avatar and icon button.

    Phones and Accessories - February 14, 2022

    We now support the Yealink T58W.

    GoTo Mobile (Android 0.0.1444 / iOS 1.0.58) Rebranding Release- February 2, 2022

    This release focuses on relaunching our company as GoTo!

    • Changed app icon and visuals
    • Applied new brand colors
    • Implemented new icon-set

    Learn more about GoTo!

    Contact Center - February 2, 2022

    GoTo Contact Core Tier

    We have launched a new introductory tier of our GoTo Contact offering, GoTo Contact Core, for those who want to gain greater insight into their business performance and capitalize on our multi-channel communication options to connect with their customers.


    Chat Management

    You can now delete chat queues. Doing so will also end all unresolved chats associated to that queue.


    Chat Notifications

    Agents will see pop-up notifications in the GoTo app when new chats are received, regardless of where they are in the app. They can also turn on audio notifications through their GoTo app settings.

    Contact Center - January 20, 2022

    Set up Facebook Messenger Queues

    Admins can now connect their chat queue(s) to Facebook Messenger to reach more customers, optimize agent performance by enabling them to handle conversations in one central place, and gather rich data for analysis and growth.

    Admin Portal - January 18, 2022

    Voicemail Length Setting
    You can now set a maximum voicemail length for all incoming messages on your account.

    Admin Portal - January 6, 2022

    Self Serve E911 Service
    Admins in the US and Canada can now assign emergency addresses and callback numbers for multiple locations. Sub-locations can also be assigned to devices or users. This feature is being released in a phased rollout and may not be available on your account yet.

    GoTo Mobile (Android 0.0.1386/iOS 1.0.57)- December 20, 2021


    • [Meeting] Start meetings on a GoToRoom device from your phone when within range.


    • [Voice] Answered ring group calls are now indicated with “answered elsewhere” in your call history.
    • [Voice] Custom presence statuses are now visible throughout the app.
    • [Messaging] Updated avatars in conversation list.
    • [Messaging] Various UX improvements.
    • [Meeting] Guest users now have the new pre-join screen.
    • [General] Localized date/time format.
    • [General] Added tab descriptors.


    • [General] Fixed various minor UI issues.

    Phones and Accessories - December 20, 2021

    We now support the following Yealink models: T42U, T43U, T46U, T48U, and the W70B.

    Contact Center - December 8, 2021

    Pre-saved Text Messages

    Agents and admins can now create and use pre-saved text messages for greater efficiency in their chat conversations.


    Agent Dashboard

    The agent dashboard has had a facelift. The drop-down menus are in one central place now, there are updated color-coded icons on the cards to more quickly identify the type of queue the card is for, and most importantly, agents can now log in, pause, or log out of individual queues directly from the cards.

    Admin Portal - December 7, 2021

    Spanish Voicemail Transcription
    Voicemail transcription is now available in Spanish.

    GoTo Mobile (Android 0.0.1364 / iOS 1.0.56)- December 6, 2021


    • [General] Fixes rarely occurring bugs in core functionalities of the app.

    Contact Center: Supervisors - December 1, 2021

    Campaign CSV Import

    Supervisors can now add callers from different campaign sources such as CRM's, Marketing Automation platforms and sales-feeding systems, by importing a CSV file. Campaigns were previously focused on calling back missed callers which was very helpful for sales organizations to capture potentially missed revenue. Now support organizations can benefit from this new CSV import feature when teams want to call groups of customers with similar needs such as customers with a specific product, customers with overdue service, or those needing regular follow-up. Only available for GoTo Contact Complete plans.

    Contact Center - December 1, 2021

    Chat Queues: Automatic Chat Assignment
    • Admins: Once a chat queue is created, admins can easily configure it to automatically assign chats conversations to agents with the lowest number of chats. This optional feature will balance the conversation load across all available agents assigned to the queue.
    • Agents: Chats will seamlessly appear on your assigned conversation list, enabling you to serve your customers better and faster while reducing the operational distraction of having to manually assign.


    Chat Queues: Webchat Conversation Close

    Messaging has been added in Webchat conversations to notify the customer and the agent if the other party has closed the conversation.

    Webchat Queues: Pre-message Information Request

    You can now request contact and custom field information from your customers when they initiate Webchat. This can be configured in your widget settings. This contact information will be visible to agents.

    GoTo Mobile (Android 0.0.1335 / iOS 1.0.55)- November 20, 2021


    • [Voice] Incoming Call Notification: This update replaces the full screen incoming call with a notification, allowing you to handle the call without any interruption.
    • [Messaging] Added a new suspected spam indicator on SMS messages that we suspect are from spammers.
    • [Meeting] Breakout room support for attendees.
    • [Meeting] Post-meeting survey added.


    • [Meeting] Updated labels on meeting controls.
    • [Meeting] Added support for custom audio in hallway.


    • [Messaging] Fixed an issue where SMS message preview was cutoff.
    • [General] Fixed a connection handling issue that sometimes led to unsynchronised states.
    • [General] Fixed an edge case where users were not able to sign in.
    • [General] Fixed minor UX issues.

    Contact Center: Reporting (v1.127.0) - November 17, 2021


    Queue Caller Report

    Back to summary button function has been added to the Detailed View allowing quick and intuitive navigation back to the Summary View.

    Export Format Survey

    Added a customer feedback survey to the PDF and PNG export nodes.

    Stability Enhancements and Bug Fixes
    • Increased automated test reliability.
    • Improved experience for handling null values on chat.

    Contact Center: Reporting (v1.125.0) - November 10, 2021


    Queue Caller Report

    A notification has been added to indicate a successful date refinement.

    Updated Tooltip Messaging During Export

    The Export tool tip on all pages will indicate the status of exporting functionality on that page.

    • Insufficient privileges: User does not have access to export. Admins can assign this access.
    • Coming soon: The option to export will be added soon.
    • Filters loading, please wait: The selected filters on the page are loading and the export cannot be accessed until they finish. Maximum timeout = 2 minutes.
    Security and Translations
    • Improved application security.

    • Updated translations on the Queue Caller Reports Dashboard for all supported languages.

    Contact Center: Admins - November 4, 2021

    Option to log out agents when they miss a call

    The option to log out agents when they miss a call is new setting to better manage agents assigned to call queues and campaigns. You can use this setting to automatically log out any agent who misses a specified number of calls. The missed calls threshold is customizable. Only available for GoTo Contact Complete plans and Support Center plans if purchased after June 6, 2021.

    Contact Center: Reporting (v1.123.1) - November 3, 2021


    App Stability

    Improved application testing procedures to improve stability.

    Enhanced loading of large data selections and export flow
    • The application will no longer freeze if a large data set is selected.
    • Reports will attempt to load any selected data for a maximum of 2 minutes before presenting a message with alternate options.
      Note: Users should not navigate away from reports while attempting to load data.
    • Added error identification and option to contact support within error notifications.
    Queue Caller Summary

    Added ability to hide empty rows and display the quantity of hidden rows.

    Contact Center - November 2, 2021

    Webchat Queues
    Webchat allows you to add a chat widget to your website. Your customers can then ask questions directly from your website. These webchats are then filtered into chat queues and your agents can respond. Only available for GoTo Contact Complete plans. English only at this time, translations are coming soon!

    GoTo Mobile - October 22, 2021


    • [Voice] Primary extension tagging: For straightforward identification primary extensions are now shown first.
    • [Messaging] File sharing for channel messaging.
    • [Meeting] Added 1080p support for 1:1 meetings.
    • [Meeting] Pre-join button now reflects locked, not started meeting state.


    • [Voice] Only show a caller’s caller ID display name in iOS call kit screen.
    • [Voice] Contacts without phone numbers cannot be selected when adding/transferring calls.
    • [Voice] Clear missed call notifications when user exits the call history screen.
    • [Voice] Improved Call History to be faster and more reliable.
    • [Messaging] Various UX improvements.
    • [Meeting] [Android] Optimizations for better performance on Android devices.
    • [Meeting] ‘Room’ meeting list now sorted alphabetically.
    • [Meeting] Camera switch icon easier to see in video preview.


    • [Voice] Contact’s presence status now updates when viewing contact details.
    • [Voice] [Android] Proximity sensor is now activated immediately when initiating a call.
    • [Voice] When deleting voicemails or marking them as read or unread, unfounded error is no longer shown.
    • [Voice] Voicemail badge is now removed when marking all voicemails as read.
    • [Voice] Call back button on missed call notifications no longer dismisses all notifications.
    • [Voice] [iOS] Do not disturb and device silenced texts in settings are now shown properly.
    • [Voice] Missed call badge now appears correctly.
    • [Messaging] Fixes issue where SMS summary was cutoff in conversation list.
    • [Meeting] App no longer crashes when backgrounding a meeting with an active screenshare.
    • [Meeting] Dark mode colors no longer inversed on some screens.
    • [Meeting] Meeting info button now displays on tablet devices.
    • [Meeting] Camera now always completely disconnects when meeting ends.
    • [Meeting] [iOS] Audio output defaults to speaker on iOS devices.
    • [General] Fixed minor UI issues across the app.

    Contact Center: Supervisors - October 19, 2021

    One step agent log-in process and easy to see agent device status

    Providing supervisors with an accurate and up-to-date view of agents’ availability to start taking calls is key to effectively manage operations and improving agents’ performance. With this latest improvement, supervisors are able to see the agent’s device(s) registration status directly on the “Log agents” list from the supervisor’s dashboard and with one-click select the device to log them in to.

    Contact Center: Analytics - October 6, 2021

    Queue caller report
    The contact summary and contact resolution reports are now available in the GoTo Connect app! The contact summary and contact resolution reports have been merged together and renamed the Queue caller report. Only available for GoTo Contact Complete plans.

    GoTo Mobile - September 22, 2021

    Users can now receive, view, share, and download faxes from the mobile app.

    GoTo Mobile - September 20, 2021


    Busy Signal

    A busy signal will now play when an outbound call cannot be completed due to a busy line.

    Profile Management Portal (v1.15.5) & Login Service – September 17, 2021


    Support for Multifactor Authentication
    Users now have the ability to set up multifactor authentication as an added layer of security when signing in to their GoTo account. Users can begin the enrollment process and manage their paired mobile devices within the "Enhanced Security" section on the Sign In & Security page at Once set up, the user will be prompted to enter a code from their authenticator app in order to access their GoTo product account going forward.
    Note: If a user pairs their mobile device but disables the Enhanced Security setting, the user may still be prompted to verify their login via the paired multifactor authentication device (which is done via email verification when no device is paired) for security purposes when they sign in to their account.

    Previously, multifactor authentication was only supported for GoToAssist Remote Support (v4 and v5) users. These existing users (who have already paired a mobile device with their account) will not be impacted by these changes, and their paired mobile devices will automatically be recognized and listed within the Sign In & Security page, now under the "Enhanced Security" section. However, those GoToAssist Remote Support users will still need to enable the Enhanced Security setting, which will improve their login security by leveraging multiple factor and risk-based scores.

    Contact Center - September 16, 2021


    Custom wallboards widgets

    Custom wallboards in the supervisor dashboard are now easier to manage than ever before! Metrics cards are now widgets and you can add multiple widgets at once. Only available for GoTo Contact Complete plans.

    Contact Center - September 8, 2021


    Support Center and Revenue Center are now GoTo Contact Complete!

    We are simplifying contact center by unifying Support Center (if purchased after June 9, 2021) and Revenue Center into a single contact center license called, GoTo Contact Complete. This new license contains ALL of contact center's features. GoTo Contact Complete, is an add-on to GoTo Connect Standard and Standard + plans, and its already included in all GoTo Connect Premium and Premium + plans.


    Agent Dashboard - Real-time Metrics for Campaign and Chat Queues

    Agents can now access additional real-time metrics for campaign and chat queues by just clicking the queue card located in the Agent Dashboard.

    This new feature is currently only available for GoTo Contact Complete plans in the US and Canada.

    GoTo Desktop & Web - September 1, 2021


    Busy Signal

    A busy signal will now play when an outbound call cannot be completed due to a busy line.

    Classic GoTo Admin Center (v5.37.0) – August 27, 2021


    New & Refreshed User Roles
    The user roles in the have been updated (within the User Details page, per user and on the Add Users page) to the following:
    • (New!) Member – An end user with no access (this role is newly listed but was previously applied when the "Administrator for this account" setting was disabled).
    • Manager – A user with access and selected permissions and specific groups. If no groups are selected, the manager can manage the selected permissions for all users in the account.
    • Admin – A manager with all permissions except to manage other admins.
    • Super Admin – An admin with all permissions, including managing other admins (this role has been renamed, and previously applied when the "Full access to all account privileges" setting was enabled).
    All permissions available for the Manager role remain unchanged (e.g., Add and Delete Users, Manage Products, etc.).


    Support for Multiple Subgroups and Assignments
    The user groups in the now support assigning multiple subgroup levels (e.g., Group > Subgroup 1, Subgroup 2, Subgroup 3, etc.), and those subgroups can be assigned to either another subgroup or a parent group (e.g., Subgroup 3 can be assigned to Subgroup 2, Subgroup 1, or Group). Additionally, a tooltip will display the full list of group/subgroup(s) on both the User Details and Manage Users pages if the name of the group/subgroup exceeds the character limit.
    Note: Each parent group and/or subgroup name must be unique.
    Previously, only a single subgroup could be created (e.g., Group > Subgroup), and each subgroup could only be assigned to a parent group (i.e., subgroups could not be assigned to other subgroups).
    If a user – who is already assigned to groups/subgroup(s) – has their user group assignment changed within User Details, the user will become unassigned from all existing groups/subgroup(s) and only assigned to the updated group/subgroup(s).

    Contact Center - August 11, 2021


    Chat queue historical reports

    This feature is available to GoTo Contact Complete customers in the US and Canada.

    • In the Resolved conversations section, you can now view customer information in your reports by hovering over their name.
    • In the Total resolved conversations section there are now additional options for bar chart grouping.

    Contact Center - August 11, 2021

    SMS conversation tagging

    Chat conversation tags allow you to organize and categorize your customer text conversations, making it easier to identify the most frequent topics, problems, or weaknesses of the product or service that are being raised by your customers. This valuable feedback allows business owners to understand and address the most critical issues, improving overall performance and operations.

    This feature is available to GoTo Contact Complete customers in the US and Canada.

    Contact Center - August 4, 2021


    Resolved conversation reports for SMS queues

    This new report allows supervisors to analyze their agent’s performance, identify areas of improvement, and optimize operations.

    This feature is available to GoTo Contact Complete customers in the US and Canada.

    Contact Center - August 4, 2021

    Switch from chat to meeting

    You can now meet your customers where they are with a simple switch from an SMS chat conversation to a meeting.

    This feature is available to GoTo Contact Complete customers in the US and Canada.

    Admin Portal - July 28, 2021


    3rd Phase of GoTo Admin experience released

    All NEW GoTo Connect customers will now begin with GoTo Admin as their administrative portal!

    Contact Center - July 28, 2021


    SMS Conversation History

    Agents and supervisors can now see past conversations in the chat window (GoTo Contact Complete customers in the US and Canada only).

    Phones and Accessories - July 26, 2021


    New Poly Products are now available! These are currently available only in the US, other regions will follow.

    We support and sell the Poly CCX 400, CCX 500, and CCX 600 as an upgrade option to the Polycom VVX 501 and 601.
    Single/Dual cell DECT phones
    We support and sell the Poly Rove 30 and Rove 40 as an upgrade option to the Poly D230 DECT system. These phones feature the extended range of a dual cell system and ruggedized handsets. The Poly Rove 40 also includes a configurable emergency button and Bluetooth.
    We now support and sell the following headsets Blackwire 3325, Blackwire 8225, Voyager 2, Voyager 4200 US, and Voyager 5200 UC.

    Contact Center - July 14, 2021


    SMS Supervisor View

    Supervisors can now monitor the status of SMS queues to optimize and support agent's productivity (Revenue Center customers in the US and Canada only). Additional features coming soon!

    Contact Center - July 14, 2021


    Chat Queues now support outbound MMS

    Revenue Center agents can now send MMS files to customers from an active conversation within Chat Queues. MMS files include images, videos, pdfs, audio, and more (Revenue Center customers in the US and Canada only). In addition, we support sending up to 5 files in a single message with a maximum size of 2MB per file.

    Contact Center - July 14, 2021


    Switch from chat to call
    Switch from SMS chat to a voice call with one click!