What's New in GoToConnect?

Stay up to date on the latest features and updates for GoToConnect.

Note: We often make new features and services available to only a subset of users so we can learn from user behavior and resolve issues. This means that sometimes different user experiences are available simultaneously, which helps us make our products better for all users.

GoTo Network Test 2.0.3 – Sept. 21, 2020

With Jive's recent rebrand to GoToConnect, Jive View is now GoTo Network Test


  • Upgraded Qt version from 5.9.9 to 5.15.0

Contact Center - Sept. 16, 2020


Call Reports - Sept. 9, 2020

Call Recording Playback
Listen to call recordings directly from your call reports. Previously, you could only listen to recordings through your Amazon S3 account.

Contact Center - Aug. 24, 2020


LogMeIn Admin Center (v5.24.0) – August 12, 2020


Ability to Change Account Name
Account admins can change the account name of their LogMeIn product account within Admin Settings. Previously, account name changes could only be performed by Customer Care representatives.
New Welcome and Assignment Change Email Templates

The Welcome email and Change email templates have a new look and feel! Note that any customizations made to the previous template will also be carried over to the new template.

Note: This feature is being rolled out in a phased manner. This release enabled it as the default setting for most accounts (with the ability to opt-out, if desired), and made it available as an opt-in feature for other accounts – both of which can be configured within Admin Settings under Email Customizations. All new accounts will only see the new email templates and be unable to opt-out. A future release will make it the default setting for all accounts.

GoToConnect Admin Portal - Aug. 12, 2020


  • Officially hid the JiveID field in lieu of the email field in preparation for our Unified Admin across all GoTo products.

GoToConnect – July 23, 2020

Meeting Password
Secure your meetings by adding a password.

GoToConnect Admin Portal - Aug. 6, 2020


Contact Center - Aug. 3, 2020


Contact Center - July 30, 2020


Jive View 1.0.6 – July 23, 2020


  • Fixed an issue that prevented v0.8.6 from upgrading

Jive View Prequalification Webpage – July 23, 2020

GoToRoom Tab
The test results webpage now has a GoToRoom tab.

GoToConnect Admin Portal - June 30, 2020

Report Permission
Admins can now give users access to view the reports or to view reports and listen to any available call recordings.

Contact Center - June 30, 2020


Jive View 1.0.5 – June 24, 2020


  • Deployed a security fix

Contact Center - June 16, 2020


GoToConnect Admin Portal - June 11, 2020


Contact Center - June 3, 2020


GoToConnect Admin Portal - June 2, 2020

Setup Dashboard
Users can now self-serve onboard using the new setup dashboard in their admin portal. This is the final step of replacing the customer dashboard which is now retired.

Voice Features - June 1, 2020

Pause/Unpause Live Recorded Calls
Users can now pause and unpause a live recorded call using a new star code. This feature is in public beta.

GoToConnect Admin Portal - May 29, 2020

Users can now use the locations tab to maintain validated addresses for easy re-use.

GoToConnect Mobile - May 28, 2020


  • Added feature to silence your mobile device only
  • Improved search contacts speed
  • Added filter to voicemails
  • Improvements to SMS/MMS screen

Contact Center - May 22, 2020


  • Added a new call disposition column to the call reports to show the cause codes

GoToConnect - May 20, 2020


DND cross device
Place your physical device, GoToConnect web/desktop and GoToConnect mobile on DND

Jive View Prequalification Webpage – May 14, 2020

The prequalification webpage has been rebranded to GoTo Network Test.
GoToMeeting Tab
The test results webpage now has a GoToMeeting tab. Note, we are currently not testing proxy for GoToMeeting.

GoToConnect Admin Portal - May 13, 2020

You can now send pictures and videos through our texting platform.

Jive View 1.0.4 – May 8, 2020

Prequalification Test Launch
Users can now launch a prequalification test directly from the client.


  • Removed admin rights requirements for users
  • Added the ability to copy the system-code to clipboard
  • Fixed an issue that required users to reboot their computer to relaunch Jive View

GoToConnect Admin Portal - May 6, 2020

Order Tool
Users can now track the status of their orders from the admin portal. This is step 1 of replacing the customer dashboard.

GoToConnect Admin Portal - Apr. 30, 2020


We have re-vamped the user and device wizards with a new look and improved functionality.

Contact Center - Apr. 15, 2020


  • Stopped selling the Insight Center tier — Customers are encouraged to upgrade to the GoToConnect Support Center tier pending contract completion
  • GoToConnect Support Center is now available in all currently supported countries

GoToConnect - Apr. 14, 2020


Meeting invite
Video call any contact in GoToConnect without needing to schedule a meeting. Learn more here.


Phones and Accessories - Apr. 14, 2020

We support and sell the Polycom Trio 8300, the VVX150 and the D230.
We support the EHS40 and BT41 accessories on select phones.

GoToConnect Admin Portal - Apr. 3, 2020


Contact Center - Apr. 2, 2020

We turned on GoToConnect Support Center for free until June 30th for all customers.
User Activity Report
We added a new queue column to this report to help supervisors better understand the call data for their users and agents.


  • Moved "Assign Licenses and Roles" functionality to the "Users" tab
  • Moved "Queue Assignments" task to the "Queues" tab
  • Changed how you assign a CC admin
  • Improved the configuration experience of queues and agent assignments

Billing Portal – Mar. 27, 2020

Billed Call Details

After a billing period has ended, billing users can download their call details for any calls not included in their plan (toll-free inbound, premium domestic outbound, and international outbound). Learn more!

GoToConnect Mobile - Mar. 26, 2020


  • Added iOS notification badging
  • Added swipe actions from home screen
  • Fixed issue to allow audio from other apps to be maintained when the GoToConnect app is launched

GoToConnect Mobile - Mar. 11, 2020


  • Updated deletion of a message in a conversation
  • Improved matching texting notification to the correct contact
  • Improved navigating users to texting conversation from notification
  • Included additional information and actions from texting conversation
  • Updated creating and editing a contact
  • Upgraded contact detail screen
  • Added unique GoToConnect ring tone and message tone

Contact Center - Mar. 6, 2020

Agent Effectiveness Dashboard
We added a new Transfer Card widget to this dashboard to better understand the amount of transfers an agent is doing.

Jive View – Feb. 28, 2020


Download for Mac

Download for Windows

Download Qt 5.9.9

  • Updated to Qt 5.9.9
  • Added the ability to update the list of Data Centers (DC) without a deploying a new version

GoToConnect Mobile - Feb. 19, 2020


  • Enhanced call merge when two calls are on hold
  • Updated iOS texting push notifications
  • Fixed bluetooth permissions issue
  • Fixed issue that caused ending both calls when the second call was ended
  • Fixed an issue on Android that caused a white screen when sending texts
  • Fixed an issue on Android that caused crashing on boot

GoToConnect Mobile - Jan. 31, 2020


  • Enhancements to texting:
    • Auto-correct while typing
    • Delete a conversation
  • Added Send SMS to actions from visual voicemail
  • Added call type filters in call history
  • Updated call transfer to set the call on hold when transfer is tapped
  • Fixed navigation issue when entering and leaving a call or meeting

Contact Center - Dec. 13, 2019


  • Added call monitoring options for supervisors in the real-time report of GTC Support Center

GoToConnect Admin Portal - Nov. 29, 2019


  • Fixed an issue where the Deny Strict queue option would reject new callers when no agents were present

Contact Center – Nov. 21, 2019

GoToConnect Support Center Tier
We released a new tier of Contact Center that is focused on improving outcomes by providing better overall management of inbound calls.

Internationalization – Nov. 18, 2019


Australia Launch
GoToConnect is now available in Australia.

Invoices – Nov. 18, 2019

Universal Service Fee
The Universal Service Fee is now itemized on your invoice. Learn more!

GoToConnect Mobile - Oct. 25, 2019


  • Updated translations and regional support for Germany, Australia, UK, and Ireland
  • Added call disconnected and call failed error message
  • Fixed meeting dial-in issue
  • Fixed issue that caused audio disconnection issues after putting a meeting on hold

Contact Center - Oct. 22, 2019


  • Added queue filters to the Supervisor and Real-time Dashboards
  • Added a customizable URL when you filter by a queue
  • Added a shortcut to launch a wallboard
  • Updated the status icons of agents
  • Increased the browser efficiency

GoToConnect - Oct. 21, 2019


Presenter mode
Presenter mode allows users to join a meeting and focus only on the active screen, without the distraction of other video tiles. Learn more here.

GoToConnect - Oct. 15, 2019


Dial out
Dial out gives the organizer and co-organizers of a meeting the ability to dial out to a phone number to join a meeting.

GoToConnect Mobile - Sept. 26 2019


  • Updated star code support and international calls
  • Added DND expiration notifications
  • Enhanced landscape mode in meeting and camera orientation
  • Updated extension selector
  • Fixed issue that caused the back button to not appear in the settings tab
  • Fixed issue in which there weren't meetings reminders for calendar events
  • Fixed audio source issue
  • Fixed meeting mute button based on permission

GoToConnect - Sept. 19, 2019


Sync your calendar
Sync your Office 365 or Google calendar with GoToConnect to see your meetings in GoToConnect. Learn more here.
Call Me
GoToConnect can dial your phone number to join a meeting. Click call me and enter your phone number for GoToConnect to call you for the meeting.

Analog Fax – Sept. 18, 2019

Store and Forward
Improvements were made to the way our fax platform handles reattempts and error resolution, which will greatly improve the delivery success rates of faxes sent and received using a physical fax machine with an ATA. Learn more!

Internationalization – Aug. 6, 2019


UK, Ireland, and Germany Launch
GoToConnect is now available in the UK, Ireland, and Germany.