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How do I change my chat queue settings?

Customize your settings for each chat queue to optimize performance and achieve your needs. Available for Core and Complete customers.
Before you begin: You must be set up as a user and be assigned the Admin role. This can also be done from your admin portal if you have access permissions.
  1. Sign in to our GoTo desktop/web app.
  2. From Contact Center > Admin > Chat queues, use the bubbles to filter your chat queue list:
    • All chat queues displays all chat queues.
    • Assigned chat queues displays all queues that have at least 1 supervisor and 1 agent assigned.
    • Unassigned chat queues displays all queues without assigned supervisors or agents.
  3. Choose the queue you want to customize.
    Tip: You can also delete a chat queue from here using the trash can icon. Deleting a queue will close any open chats in that queue.
  4. From the Overview tab, you can change the name of the chat queue by selecting Edit or by selecting three dots icon > Edit details on any open tab.
  5. From the Settings tab, you can:
    • Change the chat queue language
    • Edit your read receipt and typing indicator preferences
    • Turn on automatic agent assignment
    • Set up after-hours messaging and select a schedule for your chat
    • Enable AI Analysis for chat conversation sentiment scores and chat summaries.
    • Set up a follow-up survey
    • Enable co-browsing for your agents

    If you make any changes, select Save.

  6. From the Channels tab, change your Webchat widget's settings, or connect your chat to Facebook and manage the enabled pages for Facebook and/or Instagram. If you make any changes, select Save.
  7. From the Supervisors tab, choose users to assign as a supervisor for this queue.
  8. From the Agents tab, choose users to assign as an agent for this queue.
What to do next: Ensure your agents know how to use the chat queues in their agent dashboard.