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How do I set up co-browsing?

Enabling this feature for your agents allows them to seamlessly and securely co-browse when visual guidance is needed, all while they continue to chat with customers in any chat channel.

  1. Sign in to our GoTo desktop/web app.
  2. From Contact Center > Admin > Chat queues, select the queue that needs changes made.
  3. From Settings > Co-browsing, enable Enable co-browsing.
  4. Enter a URL in the Initial page field. This determines the starting place for the shared experience.
  5. Optional: Use Enable agent to interact with pages to give agents the ability to engage with the page being viewed (scroll, click, etc.).
  6. Click Save.

    Result: The agents will now see a co-browse icon in their chat conversations that they can use to initiate the shared browser experience as needed. They can customize the message on the join link before sending that in a chat to the customer. Once co-browse has been activated for a chat, the agent and customer can simultaneously interact in the customer’s browser and easily see the other person's mouse. Additional highlighting and drawing features are available to the agent during the session.