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How do I take chats?

Use the agent dashboard to engage in chat conversations and view high-level chat queue activity. Available for Core and Complete customers.

Currently, the SMS and Facebook messenger channels support all MMS files. Instagram supports images only for attachments.
Note: If you have a product license for Contact Center and Customer Engagement, your messages will go to 2 different inboxes depending on where the chat originated:
  1. Sign in to our GoTo desktop/web app.
  2. Select the desired line extension if there are multiple.
  3. From Contact Center > Agent > Overview, log in to your chat queue(s).
  4. Select Chat conversations to enter the chat view.
  5. From Conversations, select a chat to engage. Here are the types of chats you may receive, indicated by a bubble:
    • SMS/MMS chat from a mobile phoneOnly available in the United States and Canada.
    • Webchat messageOnly available in English at this time.
    • Facebook messageOnly available in English at this time.
    • Instagram messageOnly available in English at this time.
  6. Choose what you want to do:
    • Use the paperclip icon to send an attachment
      Note: MMS files include images, videos, pdfs, etc. You can send up to 5 files in a single message with a maximum size of 2MB per file.
    • Use the pencil icon to add or edit a contact
    • Use the phone icon to flip the chat (sms only) to a phone call — Complete only
    • Use the video icon to flip the chat (sms only) to a meeting room — Complete only
    • Use the co-browse icon to initiate a shared browser navigation with the customer — Complete only
    • Use the contact information icon to add or edit a contact and link them to an active conversation
    • Use the history icon to view conversation history for this contact
    • Use +Add tag to organize your active and resolved chats — Complete only
    • Use the more icon (three dots) to unassign a chat
    • Use Resolve to end a chat
    Note: When new chat conversations are received, you will also see a pop-up notification in the bottom left of the GoTo app with the name of the person who chatted in (when applicable) and your current number of unread chats. This will display regardless of where you are in the app. Audible notifications can be set up from Your profile icon > Settings > Voice > Audio > Message tone.