How do I use the shared inbox?

    Using our shared inbox allows your team members to see and respond to any text campaign responses with your shared contacts.

    About this task: You need to have set up a text campaign before you can use the shared inbox.
    1. Sign in to our GoTo desktop/web app.
    2. From Inbox > Shared inbox, select Manage status to log in to your queue(s).

      Tip: If you are in the Private inbox, you will see your direct messages just as you would if you were in the Messages section of the GoTo app. Use the arrows to navigate to the Shared inbox and engage with the text conversations.

    3. Select a message to engage.
    4. Choose what you want to do:
      • To send an attachment, use the paperclip icon.
        Tip: MMS files include images, videos, pdfs, etc. You can send up to 5 files in a single message with a maximum size of 2MB per file.
      • To edit the contact information, select the Contact > Contact information > Edit.
        Tip: If you are adding a new contact, you can link the conversation to them or an existing contact.
      • To flip a chat to a phone call, select the Contact > Call.
      • To flip a chat to a meeting room, select the Contact > Starting meeting.
      • To a contact's conversation history, select the Contact > Conversation history.
      • To organize your chats, select +Add tag.
      • To unassign a chat, select the carrot icon next to Resolve and then select Unassign conversation.
      • To end a chat, select Resolve.

      Note: When new chat conversations are received, you will also see a pop-up notification in the bottom left of the GoTo app with the name of the person who chatted in (when applicable) and your current number of unread chats. This will display regardless of where you are in the app. Audible notifications can be set up from Your profile icon > Settings > Voice > Audio > Message tone.

    What to do next: Admins can customize the shared inbox settings such as your distribution preferences and typing indicators as needed by navigating to Engage > Shared inbox > Settings.