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How do I add a contact's information to a call or chat?

    Use the customer information view to identify your customers, keep track of their interactions with your company, and create a consistent positive experience for them, regardless of the channels they use.

    Before you begin: You must be set up as a user and be assigned the agent role.
    1. While on an active call or chat in the GoTo desktop/web app, select the person icon on the left of the call overlay or conversation window.
    2. Search to see if the contact already exists (any available call information will pre-populate in the search fields).
      1. If it does, select the contact and then select Link call to this contact (or conversation). You can then edit any details as needed using the Edit button.
      2. If it does not, select Add new contact, enter the available information, and then select Save and link call (or conversation).
    3. Optional: Select the notebook icon to add notes and/or tags to the conversation. These will auto-save and be available throughout the wrap-up period.
    4. Optional: Select the history icon to view a history of all linked interactions with this contact. You can search by key words or tags.
      Remember: A history is started after a contact has been created and at least one call or chat has been linked to the contact.