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How do I manage tags?

    Create and manage tags for chat conversations to enable your agents to easily categorize chats and quickly identify top pain points. Available for Complete only.
    Before you begin: You must be set up as a user and be assigned the Admin role. This can also be done from your admin portal if you have access permissions.
    1. Sign in to our GoTo desktop/web app.
    2. From Contact Center > Admin > General settings, select Tag management.
    3. To add a new tag:
      1. Select + Add tag.
      2. Enter a name.
      3. Click the checkmark icon when complete.
    4. To edit an existing tag:
      1. Click the pencil icon next to the entry you want to edit.
      2. Update the tag name.
      3. Click the checkmark icon when complete.
    5. To enable or disable a tag, turn on/off that specific entry under Active.
    What to do next: Let your agents know how to add tags to their chat conversations.