How do I set up a text campaign?

    Create text campaigns to send custom messages to customers in bulk.

    Before you begin: Customize your settings before you create a campaign.
    About this task: Text campaigns require a phone number. You can use a phone number in your account, order a new phone number, or port a phone number from a previous carrier to use with your campaign. If you use an existing phone number, please note that any previous messages associated with this number will be lost
    1. Sign in to our GoTo desktop/web app.
    2. Optional: To change the phone number the text campaign is sending from:
      1. Select Engage > Settings > Phone number.
      2. Select the desired number from the drop-down menu.
      3. Select Save.
    3. From Engage > Campaigns, select + Add Campaign.
    4. Complete the following fields:
      • Name — Enter a name for this campaign and then select Next.
      • Pick your recipients — Select recipients from your Contacts list or import a CSV of the contacts you want to message and then select Next. A template is available if needed. Imported contacts will become shareable with your team and can be accessed from Contacts > Shared contacts.
        Note: You have the ability to send a test campaign to a single phone number. There is an associated credit cost per test.
      • Write your message — Enter the message you want to send and then select Next. Variables and emojis are supported. Messages longer than 160 characters will be split into multiple messages.
        Note: If you have not already enabled an opt-out message or prepended a company name, you will be prompted with the options.
      • Schedule your campaign— Schedule when you want your campaign to be sent and then select Next.
    5. Review the campaign for accuracy and then select Send campaign.

      Note: If any changes are needed, you can use the Cancel or Save draft options which will take you to the list of campaigns where you can then select the desired campaign to Edit or Delete before sending (if applicable).

    6. From Engage > Campaigns, you can select a specific campaign to view its performance and details. All customer responses will be available to interact with from your Inbox in the left navigation menu.