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Text Campaign Overview Page

    Get a high-level overview of your text campaigns and surveys performance and asses how recipients are responding to your campaigns.

    Before you begin: You must be set up as a user and be assigned the admin or manager role.

    From Engage > Campaigns, select the desired campaign you would like to see the overview page for.

    Campaign Overview Page

    The Campaign tab has insights on the number and percentage of delivered, pending and failed messages to recipients who were sent the campaign. You can also see the following details about the campaign:
    • Response percentage
    • Opt-out percentage
    • Link click percentage
    • Percentage of survey responses
    • Count of recipients the campaign was sent to
    • The phone number the campaign was sent from
    • A time stamp of when the campaign was sent
    • The credit cost of the campaign
    In the Recipients and Responses section, individual details of each recipient, such as name, number, status, events, and response, are presented in a list. You can filter the list by using the filter bubbles or searching in the search box. Sort the list data using the column headers. You can also select a recipient(s) to complete an action:
    • Retry allows you to re-send the campaign to the selected recipient(s).
    • Create a new campaign with the selected contacts directly from this list.

    Survey Results

    Campaigns that include a survey will have an overview of the results in the Survey Results tab. This overview includes:
    • Survey results from just the recipients in that specific campaign.
      Note: If a survey was used in multiple campaigns and you would like to see all the survey results from all the campaigns combined, navigate to Engage > Surveys and select the survey you want to see results for.
    • High-level overview of the response count, percentage of views, and responses to each survey question.
    • Details of the recipient's responses to each survey question.