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Create a Survey in Customer Engagement

    Create a custom survey to assess your customer's experience.

    Before you begin: You must be set up as a user and be assigned the admin or manager role.
    1. Sign in to our GoTo desktop/web app.
    2. From Engage > Surveys > + Add Survey.
    3. From Setup, complete the following fields:
      • Type — select the type of survey question:
      • Single-select — Recipients can select a single item from the list options
      • Multi-select — Recipients can select one or more items from a list of options
      • Text box — Recipients will respond using free-form text input
        Note: Short answer responses have a 80 character limit. Long answer responses have a 280 character limit.
      • Numerical scale — Recipients will select a number from a given range (example: 1-5)
      • NPS — 1-10 scale with built-in NPS calculation
      • Survey Question — Enter the question you want to ask your customers.
      • Mark as Optional— Check mark if it is optional for recipients to respond to this survey question. Otherwise, leave it unchecked.
      • Enter Response Options:
        • Single-select/Multi-select — Add response options. You can select the option display as exposed if you would like all the response options to be shown side-by-side, or as compact if you would like the response options to be shown as a drop-down list.
        • Numerical Scale — Define the number range.
    4. Optional: Customize your Post-survey message that will be sent to visitors after they have responded to your survey.
    5. Select Save.
    What to do next: Add a survey to a text campaign.