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What star codes are supported?

    Use star codes to access extra features and functionality regardless of the model of phone you’re using.

    Star Code Video Definition
    *7 N/A Pauses and resumes recording on live calls.
    *11 Watch Video Searches the default dial by name directory.
    *12   No action. Reserved for emergency services in some countries.
    *13 + ext Watch Video Logs in and out of a call queue and campaign.
    *14 Watch Video Records a sound clip to be used in a dial plan or call queue (requires prompt recording permissions).
    *15 + ext/tel Watch Video Records a single call (feature must be set up by a system admin). This cannot be used mid-call.
    *17 + ext Watch Video Initiates call monitoring (requires monitoring permissions).
    *19 Watch Video Changes personal dialable password (default 0000). This password is used with the dialable username to access permission-based tasks such as recording prompts, making international calls, and call monitoring. It is different from the voicemail password.
    *21 Watch Video Records personal directory name to be used in a dial by name directory.
    *22 Watch Video Records others’ directory names to be used in a dial by name directory (requires prompt recording permissions).
    *33 Watch Video Pauses an agent's calls in all assigned queues. Agent will hear "agent paused".
    *33 + ext Watch Video Pauses an agent's calls in a specific queue. Agent will hear "agent paused".
    *34 Watch Video Resumes an agent's calls in all assigned queues. Agent will hear "available".
    *34 + ext Watch Video Resumes an agent 's calls in a specific queue. Agent will hear "available".
    *37 Watch Video Places a call on hold in a virtual parking spot on the system. There are an unlimited number of parking spots available. To park in a user-assigned spot, blind transfer to *37 + parking spot number (any number of digits, but it cannot start with 0). To park in a system-assigned spot, warm transfer to *37 (the system will notify you where the call is parked). To answer a parked call, dial *37 + parking spot number.
    *43 + dialable username Watch Video Initiates hot desking allowing you to load your extension settings to a shared phone and use it as your own. Dial the same star code to log out of a shared phone. This feature is supported on Cisco MPP, Polycom, and Yealink only and must be enabled by a system admin on your user profile and each shared device.
    *67 + tel Watch Video Blocks your number from a caller ID for a single call.
    *72 + ext/tel Watch Video Activates server-side call forwarding—all incoming calls are forwarded to an internal extension or external number.
    *73 Watch Video De-activates server-side call forwarding.
    *77   Switches a call between devices assigned to a single user.
    *82 + tel Watch Video Overrides the Block Caller ID setting for a single call.
    *97 + ext Watch Video Picks up a call ringing on another user’s phone (directed call pickup).
    *98+ ext Watch Video Checks other extension, ring group, or shared voicemail boxes.
    *99 Watch Video Checks voicemail for the line assigned to the phone.
    *911 Watch Video Tests emergency services call notifications.
    * + extension Watch Video Pages an individual phone, or even an entire ring group, by automatically activating their speakerphone (feature must be enabled on the recipient’s line).
    * N/A Rewinds voicemail messages in 2 second increments.
    # N/A Fast forwards voicemail messages in 4 second increments.