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How do I monitor a call?

Use your phone to listen to a call in progress on a specified line without call interruption or intervention unless it’s needed.

GoTo Connect

Before you begin: You must have monitoring permissions.
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  • You must use ACL monitoring permissions to listen to others who have monitoring permissions.
  • You cannot monitor lines assigned to multiple physical phones (this does not apply to the GoTo app).
  1. Dial *17 from your desk phone, desktop app, or mobile app.
  2. Enter the extension you would like to monitor.
  3. If you dialed the star code from someone else’s phone that does not have monitoring permissions, enter your numerical dialable username given to you by a system admin.
  4. Enter your dialable password (default 0000). This is separate from your voicemail password and can be changed by dialing *19.
  5. During the call, dial any of the following options to switch between monitoring modes:
    Setting Description
    [4] Spy Mode (default) Enter an existing conversation silently; neither the agent nor the caller is notified of your presence.
    [5] Whisper Mode Speak to the agent while remaining invisible (silent) to the caller.
    [6] Barge Mode Join an ongoing conversation between two parties, being heard by both.
What to do next: To stop monitoring calls, hang up.

GoTo Contact Center

Effectively coach and support your agents by listening in real-time to their calls or watching their chat conversations in our GoTo app. Available for Complete only.

Before you begin: You must be set up as a user and be assigned the supervisor role.
  • You will only be able to listen to the active calls of agent's assigned to the queue(s) you are a supervisor over.
  • You must use ACL monitoring permissions to listen to others with monitoring permissions.
  1. Sign in to our GoTo desktop/web app.
  2. Select Contact Center > Supervisor > Dashboard.
  3. To monitor calls:
    1. From Queues, select the desired queue.
    2. Under Actions, select next to the agent you want to help.
    3. Select whisper, listen, or barge.
    4. Hang up when you are done.
  4. To monitor chats:
    1. From Chats, select the desired queue.
    2. Under Actions, select > Watch conversation next to the chat(s) you want to watch.
      Note: You can watch multiple chats at a time and will see a visual indicator when new messages are received. Use the search bar to filter the conversation by keywords as needed.

      Result: The chat window will pop up on the bottom of your app.

    3. Close the chat window you are done watching the conversation.