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How do I join a conference bridge?

You can join a conference bridge from an internal or remote phone.

From an Internal Phone

  1. Dial the conference bridge extension.
  2. Enter the conference bridge participant or host pin (if required).
  3. Record your name and then press # (if required).

From a Remote Phone

There are three ways for callers to access a conference bridge externally:
  • Blind transfer the caller to the conference bridge extension.
  • Route the caller to the conference bridge through a dial plan (Auto Attendant node or Conference Room node).
  • Give the caller a direct phone number to the conference bridge.
Once connected, you may be prompted to enter a conference bridge pin and/or to record your name.

In-Call Conferencing Controls

There are several in-call conferencing controls. Controls vary based on whether participants access the conference bridge as a participant or host.

Dial * to access conferencing controls.
  • 1: Mutes/Unmutes your microphone.
  • 2: Locks/Unlocks the conference. (hosts cannot be locked out after joining)
  • 3: Ejects the last user who joined the conference. (hosts cannot be ejected after joining)
  • 4: Decreases the conference volume.
  • 5: No action.
  • 6: Increases the conference volume.
  • 7: Decreases your microphone volume.
  • 8: Exits the in-call conferencing controls menu.
  • 9: Increases your microphone volume.