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How do I manage campaigns?

    Use the campaigns feature in your supervisor dashboard to capture missed calls and manage outbound dialing. Available for Complete only.
    Before you begin: You must be set up as a user and be assigned the supervisor role.
    When viewing the overview data, an entry is considered handled if the customer answers the call attempt from the agent. An entry is considered not completed if the customer was unresponsive to the agent's contact attempt. Regardless if the customer answered or not, the entry is removed from the list and considered resolved once the agent has answered their phone and attempted to reach the customer. The system will not re-try the contact attempt if the customer does not answer.
    1. Sign in to our GoTo desktop/web app.
    2. From Contact Center > Supervisor > Dashboard > Campaigns, you can view the overall performance data for your campaign(s) or select the campaign you want to manage.
      Tip: Use the icons on the right to switch between a card and list view.
    3. To add missed calls to your campaign for an agent to contact:
      1. Select + Add callers.
      2. Select the Missed calls tab.
      3. Select the missed call(s) you want added.
      4. Select + Add to Campaign.
      Tip: Missed calls can also be added to campaigns via the Callers > Missed Calls tabs on your Supervisor Dashboard.
    4. To add callers from different campaign sources such as CRM's, Marketing Automation platforms and sales-feeding systems:
      1. Select + Add callers.
      2. Select the CSV import tab.
      3. Add your .CSV file for import.
        Important: Your file must contain a column of valid phone numbers. Only numbers and ( ) + - . will be accepted in the phone number column.
      4. Select the checkbox if your file includes column headers in the first row.
      5. Select + Add to campaign.
    5. To move or delete calls from your campaign:
      1. Hover over a missed call and then select the arrow to move this entry to another campaign.
      2. Hover over a missed call and then select trash can icon to remove this entry from your campaign.
      3. Check the boxes next to multiple entries to move or delete them in bulk.
    6. To view which calls are currently being contacted by your agents, select Callers > Active Calls. There you can see further details of the status of each call.
    7. To view and manage the agents assigned to your campaign, select Agents under Campaign Activities. You can then add or remove more agents, pause/unpause or log in/log out any currently assigned agent, or monitor their calls using the three dots on the right of an agent entry.
    8. To temporarily stop using the campaign, select Pause Campaign.
    What to do next: Ensure your agents know how to handle campaign callers. When there are no more calls assigned to the campaign, the status will change from active to inactive. Your campaigns will also become inactive if you are viewing the campaign during closed hours (when a schedule is assigned), or if there are no agents assigned to take the calls.