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Import Shared Contacts

Create multiple shared contacts by CSV import. Shared contacts are visible to all team members within the account.

This feature can be used in the following scenarios:
Note: This feature is only available for Customer Engagement customers.

  1. Sign in to our GoTodesktop/web app.
  2. Select Contacts from the left navigation.
  3. Select the Inbox Carrot Icon icon and choose Import from CSV.
  4. Download the provided CSV template.
  5. Select Next.
  6. Add all contact information into the CSV file. Additional columns can be added to provide more information to each contact.
    Note: A maximum of 2000 rows can be imported at a time.
  7. Save your CSV file to your desktop.
  8. To upload your CSV, simply drag and drop the file or select Browse files.
  9. Use the drop-downs to map each column from your CSV file to its matching field in GoTo.
  10. Select Import.
What to do next: Once imported, you can view and manage your contacts in the All contacts section.