What's New in GoTo Admin?

Stay up to date on the latest features and updates for your admin portal.

Note: We often make new features and services available to only a subset of users so we can learn from user behavior and resolve issues. This means that sometimes different user experiences are available simultaneously, which helps us make our products better for all users.

GoTo Admin Portal - January 6, 2022

Self Serve E911 Service
Admins in the US and Canada can now assign emergency addresses and callback numbers for multiple locations. Sub-locations can also be assigned to devices or users. This feature is being released in a phased rollout and may not be available on your account yet.

GoTo Admin Portal - November 11, 2021

Settings Templates

You can now quickly apply product feature settings that apply to new users by creating settings templates.

GoTo Admin Portal - September 30, 2021

Individual Call Details

The user level History and Health tab, now includes individual call details! Admins can now view the diagnostics for each leg of a specific call. Each leg displays audio quality stats such as the average MOS, Jitter, Latency, and Packet Loss.

GoTo Admin Portal - September 17, 2021


Dark Mode Theme

All customers using the new GoTo Admin now have the choice to select a display theme different from the default light theme. This new feature is configurable per user and allows the user to select their preferred theme configuration: Dark, Light or Auto (syncs with OS settings).

GoTo Admin Portal - August 6, 2021

User-Level Health and History Tab

Allows admins to monitor specific users by tracking their overall estimated audio and video quality (last 7 days), average audio quality, and history list- in a single view!

GoTo Admin Portal - August 6, 2021


This new metric card within the System Health Dashboard gives admins the ability to monitor specific users by tracking their recent overall call quality and access the user-level History and Health tab.

GoTo AdminPortal - July 28, 2021


3rd Phase of GoTo Admin Experience Released

All NEW GoToConnect customers will now begin with GoTo Admin as their administrative portal!

GoTo Admin Portal - May 31, 2021


System Health Dashboard
Admins can now monitor their network and connectivity health using the Home > System Health tabs. More features will follow!

GoTo Admin Portal - May 27, 2021


Phone Number Deletion
Admins can now delete their phone numbers using our self-serve experience in the Phone System > Phone Numbers tabs rather than reaching out to Support.

GoTo Admin Portal - May 10, 2021


2nd Phase of admin experience released
Customers purchasing higher tiers of GoToConnect that include other products such as GoToMeeting, GoToAssist, GoToWebinar, etc. directly through us who are below 49 seats, are now directed to the new admin portal. Settings for these additional products as well as some bulk actions have been added to the portal.

GoTo Admin Portal - Jan 26, 2021

Initial eCom launch of the new admin experience
Customers purchasing GoToConnect through our new eCom experience are now directed to a new admin portal, GoTo Admin, that we are piloting.