What is the phone number activity report?

This tab provides call activity from the perspective of your GoToConnect phone numbers. These high-level, number-specific details can serve as a great resource for managers needing to understand the call volume routing through their phone numbers to various sales and support teams. By default, results are sorted by total duration, putting your most active GoToConnect phone numbers at the top. Please allow up to 6 hours for the latest data to display.

Phone Number Activity Summary

Phone Number GoToConnect phone number associated with the call data. Click a number to view the activity summary.
Total Call Volume The total number of calls to and from the GoToConnect phone number.
Inbound Volume The total number of calls to the GoToConnect phone number.
Outbound Volume The total number of calls from the GoToConnect phone number.
Total Duration The total amount of time (hh:mm:ss) the GoToConnect phone number interacted with any phone number or extension.
Inbound Duration The total amount of time (hh:mm:ss) that any phone number or extension called and interacted with a GoToConnect phone number.
Outbound Duration The total amount of time (hh:mm:ss) that a GoToConnect phone number called and interacted with other phone numbers or extensions.
Average Duration The Total Duration divided by Total Call Volume.

Phone Number Activity Details

Click an entry to view a detailed log of each call to and from the selected GoToConnect phone number. Each entry shows information specific to an individual call-who was it with, when did it happen, who initiated the call, and how long it lasted. Additionally, the statistic widgets display call totals and aggregate statistics for the selected date range and search parameters.

From Phone number that initiated the call.
To Phone number that received the call.
Start Time Date and time the call was initiated. The time zone matches your browser's time zone. Exported data displays data in both the local and GMT time zones for easier consumption.
Answer Time Date and time the call was answered.
End Time Date and time the call ended.
Duration Total time from when the call was answered to the end of the call.
Disposition Outcome of the call. See the top cause codes.
Call Direction Defines whether the call was inbound or outbound to the user's line.
Recordings Allows you to listen to call legs that have been recorded.
Tip: Click column headings to sort table data or enter search criteria (phone number, name, or subset of numbers) to find the data you need. You can add multiple search parameters to narrow your results even more.