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How do I connect to audio using Call Me?

    You can connect to the meeting by having GoTo Connect call your phone! This means you would skip all the manual steps when connecting to audio using your telephone. View the countries available for Call Me.
    About this task: The audio quality may vary depending on your telephone service provider. We recommend using headphones to avoid noise feedback.
    Troubleshooting: If you do not see Call Me as an option, it may not be enabled. Reach out to your admin to enable Call Me on your account.

    Desktop app or web

    1. Start or join a meeting.
    2. Select Phone as follows.
      • Before the session (in the Camera preview screen), select Call me.
      • During the session, select Settings icon > Phone call.
    3. Choose the country your phone number is in, then enter your phone number including the area code.
    4. If you're already in the session, select Call Me.
    5. Your phone will ring within a few seconds.
      Note: If the session hasn't started yet, you will receive the call once the organizer begins it.
    6. Answer your phone, then follow the prompts to connect to the audio conference.
    Results: You're connected! Attendees will automatically join muted.