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How do I use the control panel?

    The in-session control panel provides you with access to all of the feature sand tools that GoTo Meeting offers.

    GoTo Control Panel

    (1) View session details

    (2) Lock your meeting

    (3) Change and rearrange your camera feed view

    (4) View the list of attendees

    (5) Chat with others

    (6) Access meeting settings – change your audio mode, preview your camera, and view general settings

    (7) Get more help

    (8) Start a breakout room

    (9) Invite others to the session

    (10) Record the session

    (11) Raise your hand

    (12) Mute and unmute yourself

    (13) Share your camera

    (14) Share your screen

    (15) Leave or end the session

    (16) Manage attendees

    (17) View raised hands