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How do I take notes during a meeting?

Organizers can manually take notes during a meeting and view them in their account after the session. If you are recording the meeting and have transcriptions enabled, you can have GoTo Meeting's AI-powered Smart Assistant auto-capture meeting highlights and action items alongside your manual notes.

Note: Only the scheduling organizer (the person who scheduled the meeting) can take notes during the session.
Attention: You must be on the web or desktop app to take notes.
  1. Select the Notes icon in the top toolbar.
  2. Throughout the meeting, take and style notes as needed (You can highlight portions to filter by later, create action items, add custom tags, etc.). There is a character limit of 2,048 per note and a limit of 200 notes per session.
  3. Close and open the Notes pane at any time during the meeting.
Results: Once the meeting is done processing, you'll receive an email with a link to your recording (if the session was recorded) or your notes with its content. Alternatively, you can view them in the Past tab of your account. View your meeting history and select the meeting to access your notes.
Note: If you have transcriptions enabled and your meeting was recorded, they may be Smart Notes generated by GoTo Meeting for you.