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How do I use GoTo transcriptions?

    Transcripts allow you to focus on your meeting, while GoTo Meeting focuses on the note taking.

    Note: Transcriptions are currently available in English only.

    Enable transcriptions (admins only)

    1. Sign in to the admin portal at
    2. Select People in the left navigation.
    3. Select Users or User groups depending on who you're enabling it for.
    4. Select Settings > Organizer experience, then enable Transcription.

    Access and view transcriptions (organizers)

    If you don't see this option, reach out to your account admin to make sure both cloud recording and transcriptions are enabled.
    1. Sign in to the GoTo web or desktop app.
    2. Select Meetings > Past. Toggle Recorded to filter the recorded sessions.
    3. Select a meeting.
    Results: The recording and transcript display.

    Transcription features

    1. Change recording view
    Switch between side by side view, video only view, and transcript only view.
    2. Meeting info
    View meeting details including meeting title, date, duration, talk time, and attendees.
    3. Notes
    View notes taken during the meeting.
    4. Sharing
    Enable link sharing, specify shared meeting content, copy share link, and set expiration date on share links.
    5. Search in transcript
    Search for keywords and key content using the Search bar.
    6. Filters
    View the transcript of a specific participant.
    7. Copy the transcript
    Copy the full textual transcript by selecting the Copy icon. Paste the copied text wherever.
    8. Download the transcript
    Download the transcript locally to your computer.
    9. Closed captioning
    View subtitles while the recording plays.