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How do I send chat messages during a session?

    You can exchange chat messages with everyone in the meeting, only the organizer(s), or an individual attendee.

    To save chat logs, view How do I save and access chat messages?.
    Note: If the meeting is recorded to your web account (online recording), chats will be available to share along with the recording.
    Choose your device:

    Desktop app or web

    1. Select Chat icon in the top navigation menu.
    2. Use the "To" drop-down menu to choose the recipient(s) of the message.
      • Everyone – All participants will see the message in their Chat pane.
      • Organizer(s) only – All organizers will see the message in their Chat pane.
      • Individual participant – Only the selected participant will receive the private message in the Chat pane.
    3. Enter your message in the text field and select Send.
    4. Optional: Select More icon to save chat messages.

    Mobile app

    Toggle between meeting participant names in the Attendee List to read and send messages.
    1. Open the GoTo mobile app on your device.
    2. Start or join a meeting.
    3. Select Chat icon.
    4. Send a message to everyone or use the arrows to message other organizers or individual attendees.