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How do I save and access chat messages?

    Save chat messages exchanged during the meeting so that you can access and share them later as needed.
    Attention: You can choose to download the chat log per meeting or for all future meetings. However, you must be on the GoTo desktop app to automatically download chat messages for all sessions.
    1. During a meeting, select the Chat > Moreicons.
    2. Select what you want to do:
      • To save the chat messages from the current meeting, select Download chat messages.
      • To download chat messages from the current and all future meetings, enable the Automatically download chat messages setting.

      Result: The chat messages will be automatically be saved to your computer's Downloads folder.

    What to do next: To view or share your chat history for a meeting, open the desired meeting from your GoTo app content page, under the Past tab, and then select the applicable icon (either the chat icon to see the chat history or the share icon to share the chat history). Saved chat logs will only be visible here for recorded meetings.