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How do I lock my meeting?

Organizers can lock their meeting to prevent unexpected attendees from joining the current session.

If you have back-to-back meetings, you no longer have to worry about being disrupted by additional attendees if the session goes over the scheduled time. This comes in handy if you run your personal meeting room frequently.
Notice: This article addresses the new GoTo app experience. View How do I lock my meeting? (Classic) for the classic experience.
  1. Lock and unlock your meeting in the following ways:
    • Select the Lock icon in the top menu (desktop app only).
    • Select the People icon in the top menu and use the Session unlocked setting.

    Result: The lock icon will close and you'll be notified if/when an attendee tries to join your session.

  2. To unlock and allow all waiting attendees to the meeting, select Lock icon or use the Session locked setting.
Results: When attendees join your meeting after it's been locked, they are placed in a waiting room. Once the meeting is unlocked, all attendees will automatically be connected to the meeting.