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How do I change the settings on a direct extension?

Update the settings on a direct extension as needed.

Before you begin: You must be assigned an Admin or Super admin role to perform this task.
  1. Sign in to GoTo Admin.
  2. Select the Phone System Icon icon from the left navigation menu.
  3. From Direct extensions, select the direct extension that needs changes made.
    Tip: Select Download Icon to export all the extensions into a single file list.
  4. From the Overview tab, change the following:
    • Details: Select Edit to make changes to the name or extension number.
      Note: Some extension numbers are reserved. To learn which extension numbers are reserved for other functions, refer to Which extensions are reserved?
    • Assigned to: View which users and devices have this direct extension assigned to them. To learn how to assign users to an extension, refer to How do I assign a user to a direct extension?
    • Associated resources: Locate this direct extension in the admin portal. Navigate to that resource directly to make changes.
  5. From the Settings tab, change the following:
    • General: Choose the general settings such as extension number, name, shared line, omit from directories, language, region, and inbound and outbound call options.
      Note: If you are looking to add or change the caller ID for the phone number and not just this direct extension, refer to How do change my caller ID?
    • Recording: Choose call recording preferences if recording is enabled on your system.
    • Voicemail: Choose the voicemail password and other settings such as message retrieval, greeting, voicemail email notifications to one or more email addresses, and transcription preferences.
      Note: Language is NOT automatically detected when language transcription is enabled. Voicemail transcriptions are currently available in English and Spanish only. Transcription will be shown in the language set for the line or if the set language is unsupported, the transcription will be attempted in English. Users also have the option to set up voicemail transcription for their own line.
    • Virtual Fax: Choose if this extension should receive virtual faxes to an email or use a fax adapter.
  6. From the Find me/follow me tab, you can view and/or change the settings for ring patterns, call screening options, and what you want to happen if the user does not answer the call.
Tip: While on any tab in a direct extension profile, you can use the breadcrumb on the top-left to go back to the main list or use the arrows to navigate each extension's detail page.