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How do I manage my default phone settings in GoTo Admin?

    Update your default phone settings as needed such as the associated region and language, the recording options, and extension length.
    Depending on your role, you will also have a User Settings tab where you can view the features available on a user level for this product and launch the bulk change tool.
    1. Sign in to GoTo Admin.
    2. From Settings > Capabilities > Phones, you can change the following:
      General Choose your basic settings such as region, language, time zone, area code, and do not disturb (DND).
      Note: These are the default settings for the account. To make settings changes for a specific user, refer to How do I change a user's settings?
      Emergency services Choose if you want to enable email notifications for emergency calls (911 and 933 test calls) or set a default emergency location for your entire account.
      • This feature is only available in the United States and Canada at this time.
      • This feature is being released in a phased rollout and may not be available on your account yet.
      • Only registered emergency locations can be added as a default emergency location, for more information, refer to How do I add an emergency location?.
      Calls Choose your basic call settings such as extension length, caller ID, hold music selection Watch Video, call monitoring permissions, allow paging barge, and default transfer type.
      Recording Choose which calls you want to record and which storage options you want to use.
      Voicemail & fax Choose your basic voicemail and fax settings such as storage, access control, and voicemail length.
      Note: The default voicemail length is three minutes.
      Network Choose your network settings such as outbound proxy, information sharing, access, and VLAN ID.
      Hardware security Choose your phones admin password, enable web interface, enable call encryption for new phones and reset secure provisioning for all desk phones.
    Article last updated: 6 March, 2023