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How do I set up a business continuity device?

Set up a Business Continuity (BC), a server-based application that preserves your most essential on-premise phone functions during an Internet disruption or a complete outage.

Before you begin: You must have admin or super admin permissions.
To add business continuity to your services, please contact your sales representative.
  1. Plug in the business continuity device's power adapter.
  2. Plug in the network cable from your switch into the business continuity device's network port. Secure the business continuity device so cables are not accidentally unplugged.
  3. Sign in at
  4. Select System Settings in the left sidebar.
  5. From Business Continuity > JBC, click the device that matches the MAC Address (12-digit string that is unique to each device) found on the bottom of your business continuity device.
  6. Customize the following settings:
    Setting Description

    The name used to identify the BC device in the admin portal.

    IP Address

    The internal IP address of the BC device. This field does not change the network IP address on the BC device. It is used by phones that are configured to connect through the BC device, and it lets them know where to send SIP (or phone) traffic.

  7. Complete the settings below only if you have purchased Analog Failover (provides limited calling with external numbers, like 911, during an internet outage) and an ATA is connected to the business continuity device:
    Setting Description
    PSTN Gateway URI

    The URI address of the ATA. Address should be formatted in this way:

    protocol:ipAddress:portNumber (e.g., sip:
    PSTN Line Count

    Specifies how many analog lines are connected to the ATA.

    Priority Numbers

    These phone numbers bump existing calls to free up a line during an internet outage. You can add multiple numbers, but the list should never exceed the total PSTN Line Count.911 is included by default on all systems. You do not need to add it to this list.

    Bypass Numbers

    These phone numbers are always routed directly to the ATA and will pass through the PSTN rather than the GoTo Connect platform. Regular expressions can be used to match phones number prefixes. For example:

    • Matching country code "^33/d{9}$"
    • Matching an area code "^801/d{7}$"
  8. Select OK.