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Upgrading from GoToAssist: How to start with GoTo Resolve?

Set up zero trust security

Zero trust creates an extra security layer to protect your organization as well as your agents, even when working from outside your protected office infrastructure.
  1. In the Console, select your profile icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Select Manage zero trust.
  3. Select I'm ready for heightened security.
  4. On the Signature key 101 page, make sure you read the description carefully and select Create signature key.
  5. On the Create your signature key page, type your unique key.
    Remember: Your key must be at least eight-characters long.
  6. Select I understand that GoTo can't restore a forgotten signature key and click Next.
  7. If you are not the first agent in your organization, then another agent must verify your request. Download your six-digit verification code or write it down and keep it handy.
    Remember: This is the only time you see the verification code. Your admin who approves your signature key request will ask for this code on a separate communication channel, for example in an email. This is an additional security layer to prove your identity before you start sensitive tasks.

Start a support session when the end user is present

  1. Select Start remote support session in the Instant remote support card on the Support tab of the Console.
    Tip: Checking the Request remote control as soon as the end user arrives box automatically initiates a remote control support session.
  2. Invite your end user to join the session by sending them the Support key. You have the following options:
  3. Ask the end user to click Download application in the chat window.
  4. Once the download is ready click on its icon in the system tray to execute it and launch a support session.

    Result: A remote control support session is established.

  5. In the Console click anywhere into the screen of the end user to initiate actual remote control.
  6. To end the session, click End session on the top of the Support tab.

Start a support session when the end user is not present

  1. Hover over a device in the Pro Devices list.
  2. Click the Remote control option on the right.
  3. When prompted, enter your Signature key.
    Note: Your remote support session is displayed in the Support page of the Console.
  4. Connect to the end user's device:
    • A timer is displayed on the screen. If the end user is present at the remote computer and disregards the support request, click Connect now when the 60 seconds elapse.
    • A message notifies you that the end user is not present at the remote computer and you can click Connect now to initiate the session.
      Note: Remote support sessions of this kind can also be initiated on Samsung devices with an Android operating system.

Create a Helpdesk ticket

  1. Sign in to the Console at
  2. Go to the Helpdesk page and choose Add new ticket in the top-right.
    The Ticket details page appears.
  3. Make sure the correct Helpdesk service is selected at the top of the page. That's the channel where you will create a ticket.
    The ticket will be channeled to the agents of the selected helpdesk service.
    Note: In Microsoft Teams, notifications are automatically sent to the configured channel of that helpdesk service and to the end user who created the ticket.
  4. Fill in the details of your ticket. By default, only the Subject field is mandatory. If an admin has created custom fields, you can fill in those as well.
    If an end user already exists in GoTo, you can select them from a list in the Submitted by field. Start typing the first three characters of either the first name or email address of the end user. Otherwise, you can create the end user from the ticket editor.
    Remember: As best practice, you should add as much detail as possible about an issue to make it easier for agents to find a resolution. You can also use standard formatting options, such as bold, italic, lists, headings, hyperlinks, line breaks, quotes, and even adding separators in your description to make it easy to read. When inserting inline images, those are added as attachments.

    To add comments, see How do I Add Comments to a Ticket in the Console?

    To tag your ticket, see How do I Add Tags to Tickets?

    By selecting Hide comment from end user, the end user will not see that comment when receiving an email notification about the new ticket.

  5. Save your changes.
Article last updated: 30 October, 2023