What is Zero Trust?

    Zero trust is an authentication service in GoTo Resolve that offers enhanced security when remote controlling a device, deploying unattended devices, and running PowerShell scripts on your devices. Zero trust is different from multi-factor authentication.

    How does zero trust work?

    Watch this video:

    In a nutshell, an agent in GoTo Resolve creates a signature key that uniquely identifies that person in an account. This key is not stored anywhere - other than the agent's memory. When the agent wants to perform a sensitive task, such as deploy unattended access or run PowerShell scripts on remote devices, their identity requires extra verification using this signature key. This extra security layer protects your organization as well as your agents, even when working from outside your protected office infrastructure.

    Okay, but how does this signature key block unwanted third parties from accessing my computers?

    Your signature key is not just another password. When you deploy the GoTo Resolve application on a remote computer, your key creates a link between you and the device. This signature key uniquely identifies you. It essentially signs (encrypts) every command that you send to your deployed remote devices that, in turn, can be 100% sure that it is you who sent those commands.

    Remember: Credentials that allow you to access a device are not stored in GoTo Resolve. Without these credentials, potential hackers can't take over or run PowerShell commands on your remote devices. Don't forget that you will need the signature key when you create a group into the account.

    What if I have access to multiple GoTo Resolve accounts?

    A signature key is specific to one user in one account. When you are a member of multiple GoTo Resolve accounts, or companies, you have to create a signature key in each company.

    Article last updated: 12 December, 2022