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Inviting Another Agent to an Ongoing Support Session

You can invite up to four agents to a support session to collaborate and resolve issues faster.

Restriction: This feature is available only in Standard and Premium plans in sessions when the user is present at their desktop computer. Currently Camera view and Mobile support session are not supported.

Select Start remote support session in the Instant remote support card on the Support page of the Console.

A Support Key is generated and displayed in a new tab.

Once a Support Key is generated, it remains valid for starting a session for 60 minutes

  1. Select Invite on the card of the support session where you want to invite other agents:

    Result: The support key of the session gets displayed in a pop-up window.

  2. Send the support key to another agent.
  3. The invited agent can join in by clicking the Join ongoing session button in their console and entering the support key before clicking Join.

    Result: The newly invited agent shows up in the session screen of the end user.

  4. Ask the end user to click Download application so that they can download and run the application required to establish the support session.

    Result: The selected remote support session is established. All the invited agents are now able to provide support.

  5. Agents can quit the session by clicking the Leave session button.
  6. To end the session, the last agent in the session shall click End session in the left-hand column of the Support page.
    Note: Agents can only provide support up to their configured permissions. So for example if an agent is invited to a remote control support session, but they have only remote view permission, they will not be able to remote control the end user's device.
Article last updated: 25 August, 2023