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How do I Edit Helpdesk Services?

    Remember: This feature is not available with a Free subscription. Check out which subscription you need to get the most of GoTo Resolve.

    An admin can update the name, description, and email address of helpdesk services in the GoTo Admin.

    1. Go to the Helpdesk page in the GoTo Admin. Do one of the following:
      • Option 1:
        • Go to the Helpdesk page and click the helpdesk service selector drop-down.
        • Choose Add new helpdesk service at the bottom of the list.
      • Option 2:
    2. Go to Settings > Helpdesk.
    3. On the Helpdesk services tab, select a service that you have set up.
    4. Select Edit details.
    5. Update the Name, Description, or Email address of the selected helpdesk service.
    6. Save your changes.

    How to restrict admins to see a service's tickets in the Console?

    By default, admins have full access to all your helpdesk services. However, you can restrict admins to see the tickets of certain services.
    1. In GoTo Admin, go to Settings > Helpdesk.
    2. On the Helpdesk services tab, select a service that you have set up.
    3. On the Members tab, select a user whose access you want to remove from the selected helpdesk service.
    4. Click the bin icon on the right of the user's name.
    Results: Admins who are no longer members of a helpdesk service will still be able to manage its settings in GoTo Admin.
    Article last updated: 25 August, 2022