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How do I Add Helpdesk Services?

    Remember: This feature is not available with a Free subscription. Check out which subscription you need to get the most of GoTo Resolve.

    Helpdesk services are communication channels between end-users and agents. Admins can set up helpdesk services to provide support related to a particular area: whether it is IT, finance, or something specific to your business, you can define those areas in GoTo Admin. Watch this video on adding helpdesk services:

    1. Go to the Helpdesk page in GoTo Admin. Do one of the following:
      • Option 1:
        • Go to the Helpdesk page and click the helpdesk service selector drop-down.
        • Choose Add new helpdesk service at the bottom of the list.
      • Option 2:
      • Option 3:

        While transferring a ticket, choose Add new helpdesk service at the bottom of the helpdesk service drop-down.

    2. On the Helpdesk services tab, select Add servicing group.
      Note: Some of the most common services are pre-defined for you.
    3. Name your service, add a description, and type the email address that you want to associate with the service.
      Tip: Any admin in your company (in Admin or Super admin role) can create a helpdesk service. However, the email address of that service depends on the following:
      • When an admin with a work email - a company email address - creates a helpdesk service, the service's email address will have the following format:

        <email address that you've defined>@<company>

        Let's say, you create a service, called IT Support and you add itsupportagent to its email address. In this case, the full email address will be

      • When an admin with a non-work email creates a helpdesk service, its email address will include random characters in the following format:

        <email address that you've defined>@<non-work domain>-<random number>

        For example,

        Since other GoTo Resolve users outside your company may create a helpdesk service with a Gmail account and name it the same way as you do, this random string helps uniquely identify the helpdesk service for your company.

      Important: Defining an email address lets your end-users create tickets from email. See How do I Create Tickets in the Console?
    4. On the Helpdesk services page, select the service that you have created.
    5. Select Add members in the top-right to add agents to your service.
    6. On the Ticket Categories tab, select Add ticket category.
      Tip: You can also access the ticket category page directly from the Console:
      • While creating a new ticket: on the Ticket details page of the Console, select Add categories at the bottom of the Category drop-down.
      • While transferring a ticket: on the Transfer ticket page of the Console, select Add categories at the bottom of the Select category drop-down.
    7. Name your category and Save it.
      Note: You can add multiple ticket categories to a service.
    Article last updated: 12 December, 2022