How do I Add Helpdesk Services?

    Helpdesk services are communication channels between end-users and agents. Admins can set up helpdesk services to provide support related to a particular area: whether it is IT, finance, or something specific to your business, you can define those areas in the Admin Center.

    1. Go to the Helpdesk page in the Admin Center. Do one of the following:
      • Option 1:
        • Go to the Helpdesk page and click the helpdesk service selector drop-down.
        • Choose Add new helpdesk service at the bottom of the list.
      • Option 2:
    2. Go to Settings > Helpdesk.
    3. On the Helpdesk services tab, select Add servicing group.

      Note: Some of the most common services are pre-defined for you.

    4. Name your service, add a description, and type the email address that you want to associate with the service.

      Tip: Any admin in your company (in Admin or Super admin role) can create a helpdesk service. However, the email address of that service depends on the following:
      • When an admin with a work email - a company email address - creates a helpdesk service, the service's email address will have the following format:

        <email address that you've defined>@<company>

        Let's say, you create a service, called IT Support and you add itsupportagent to its email address. In this case, the full email address will be

      • When an admin with a non-work email creates a helpdesk service, its email address will include random characters in the following format:

        <email address that you've defined>@<non-work domain>-<random number>

        For example,

        Since other GoTo Resolve users outside your company may create a helpdesk service with a Gmail account and name it the same way as you do, this random string helps uniquely identify the helpdesk service for your company.

      Important: Defining an email address lets your end-users create tickets from email. See How do I Create Tickets in the Console?

    5. On the Helpdesk services page, select the service that you have created.
    6. Select Add members in the top-right to add agents to your service.
    7. On the Ticket Categories tab, select Add ticket category.

      Note: You can also access the ticket category page directly from the Console while creating a new ticket. To do so, on the Ticket details page of the Console, select Add categories at the bottom of the Category drop-down.

    8. Name your category and Save it.

      Note: You can add multiple ticket categories to a service.

    Article last updated: 15 November, 2022