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How do I add custom fields to helpdesk tickets in GoTo Admin?

    As an admin, you can add custom fields to helpdesk services to let your agents save additional information when they create helpdesk tickets.

    1. Sign in to GoTo Admin.
    2. Go to Settings > Helpdesk.
    3. On the Helpdesk services tab, select a service where you want to add custom fields.
    4. On the Custom fields tab, click Add custom field.
      You can add any number of custom fields.
    5. Name your custom field and select its type:
      • Free text - Agents can save any information in text format for up to 255 characters.
      • List - A comma-separated list of values, where the agent can select a single list item.
      • Checkbox - A list of options that agents can toggle. Think of checkboxes as Yes/No questions.
      • Date - Agents can add a date in mm/dd/yyyy format.
    6. Save your new field.

      Result: Agents can use the new custom field instantly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens to data in custom fields when an agent transfers a ticket?
    Custom fields are cleared when you transfer a ticket to another helpdesk service, even if the target helpdesk service has the same custom field available.
    Are custom fields visible to end-users?
    No. These fields are for agents only. When an end-user creates a new helpdesk ticket, these fields are not visible.
    Can an admin create the same custom field in multiple helpdesk services?
    Yes. However, when a ticket is transferred to another service, the content of custom fields is always cleared.
    What if a ticket has a custom field and an admin deletes that field in GoTo Admin?
    Deleted custom fields become hidden in helpdesk tickets, but are not deleted from the actual tickets. When an admin restores a deleted custom field, their content will be visible again.
    Can an admin undo the deletion of a custom field?
    Yes, admins can restore deleted custom fields in GoTo Admin by clicking Restore deleted fields in the top right.
    Article last updated: 24 April, 2023