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How do I Add Comments to a Ticket in the Console?

Comments generally contain important additional information for agents about the end user's issue.

Remember: This feature is not available with a Free subscription. Check out which subscription you need to get the most of GoTo Resolve.
  1. Sign in to the Console at
  2. Go to the Helpdesk page and select a ticket.
  3. Add your comments to the Comments field at the bottom of the page.
    You can also use standard formatting options, such as bold, italic, lists, headings, hyperlinks, line breaks, quotes, and even adding separators in your description to make it easy to read. When inserting inline images, those are added as attachments. When you update a ticket, choose Add comments to save your comment, or choose Cancel to discard it.
    Note: To add file attachments to your comment, click Add files to comment. To remove an attachment, hover over the file and click X in the top-right corner.
Results: Your comment is added to the ticket, no need to save it.
Tip: You can set up alerts when a ticket is created or modified. See How do I set up email notifications in GoTo Admin?

How to edit a comment?

You may want to edit or delete one of your existing comments. Here's how:
  1. On the Helpdesk page, select the ticket where you want to change a comment.
  2. Find the comment under Comments at the bottom of the page.
  3. On the right of the comment, select the triple dots and then choose Edit comment to modify or Delete comment to remove your comment.
    Note: You can't edit another agent's comment.
Article last updated: 24 October, 2023