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Call monitors can listen to a call in progress on any line without call interruption or intervention. These permissions are typically given to managers for training and quality assurance purposes—so don’t go all CIA on everyone and start spying on your colleagues.

1. Log in at

2. Click Permissions in the left sidebar.

3. From the Monitoring tab > Monitoring Permissions section, select one of the following:

  • Simple Monitoring Permissions: Users can monitor all lines on the system (full monitoring access).
  • ACL Monitoring Permissions: Access Control List – Users can only monitor specific lines on the system (limited monitoring access).

4. From the Who/Monitors section, select the user or user group that requires changes.

5. If using ACL permissions, select a user or user group (Who) and then choose the user or user group to be monitored (Can Monitor).

6. Click [SAVE].

Tip: To remove a user or user group, hover over the user or user group you would like to remove and then click the trash icon. Click [SAVE] when you are done.