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How do I change my call queue settings?

    Customize your settings for each call queue to optimize its performance and achieve your needs.

    Attention: You may see different settings from those listed here while we upgrade our queue system. Learn more.
    You must be set up as a user and be assigned the admin role. This can also be done from your admin portal if you have access permissions.
    1. Sign in to our GoTo desktop/web app.
    2. From Contact Center > Admin > Call Queues, select the queue that needs changes made.
      Tip: You can use the bubbles to filter your call queue list. Assigned call queues will show you all queues that have at least 1 supervisor and 1 agent assigned. Unassigned call queues will show you all queues that do not have any supervisors or agents assigned yet.


    From the Overview tab, change the following:
    • Details — Click Edit to make changes to the name, extension, or queue type where applicable.
    • Associated Resources — See what part of the admin console references this queue. Navigate to that resource directly to make changes


    From the Settings tab, change the following:

    • Choose your omission preferences. If using an ICR queue, you will also see a setting to allow callers to be dispatched when there is no match between caller need and agent skills.
    • Ring Strategy
      Ring all agents All agents available at the time the call enters the queue will be rung. The call will be sent to the first agent who answers their phone.
      Ring agents fairly Cycle through agents as fairly as possible. The agent who has had the fewest calls sent to them that day will be rung first.
      Ring fewest call agent The agent who has answered the fewest amount of calls that day will be rung first.
      Ring random agent The call will be sent randomly to an available agent.
    • Pre-call announcement — Enabling this setting will allow you play a message for agents to hear before they are connected with a caller.
    • Report caller hold time
    • Connect timeout
    • Wrap up time
    • End agent wrap up
    • Ring active agents — Choose when agents actively on a call can receive additional incoming calls: Never, On personal calls, or On all calls.
    • Log out unregistered agents
    • Log out agents when they miss a call
    • Ignore forwarded devices — Enabled by default, this setting will disregard any devices where a forward has been set up.
    • Weight
    • Max callers
    • Custom ringback music
    • Allow new callers into empty queue
    • Remove callers when queue has no agents
    • Periodic announcement message
    • Periodic announcement frequency
    • Position announcement — Basic queues only
    • Position announcement frequency — Basic queues only
    • Say hold time — Basic queues only


    From the Supervisors tab, choose which users you want to assign the supervisor role to for this queue.


    From the Agents tab, choose which users you want to assign the agent role to for this queue.

    Logged-in Users

    From the Logged-In Users tab, choose which users to log in to this queue (these users do not have access to the agent tools because they are not assigned the agent role).