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GoTo App Organizer Guide

Get started with the new GoTo app!

1Download and sign in to your account

Download the GoTo app to begin using your GoTo Meeting account. If you do not want to download the desktop app, you can manage your meetings at on a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium browser.

  1. Download the GoTo desktop app and go through the installation flow.
  2. Sign in using your GoTo Meeting credentials.

2See account overview

From the main screen, you can schedule, start, and manage meetings.

Meetings Overview

3Create a meeting

To schedule a one-time or recurring meeting, select Create meeting.

  • (1) Choose the meeting type.
  • (2) If scheduling a one-time meeting, choose the meeting date and time.
  • (3) Add a co-organizer (must be a member on your account).
  • (4) Use breakout rooms during the meeting.
  • (5) Allow attendees to start the meeting without you. There is a known issue with this setting. Please disable it until further notice.
  • (6) Password protect your meeting (please note that you will not be able to record your meeting if it is password-protected).
  • (7) Personalize your meeting with a custom link.
  • (8) Edit audio options.
  • (9) Save the new meeting.
Create a New Meeting

4Start or join a meeting

There are several way you can start your own meeting and join other meetings. In the meeting invite (sent via email, chat, etc.) click the meeting link. Alternatively, you can join from GoTo.

Start or Join a Meeting

5Use meeting features

Make the most out of your meetings with these features! Please note that there are some features not available in the GoTo app at this time. Please check the FAQs section for what's coming soon!

View the feature comparison chart to learn more.

6View FAQs

View the frequently asked GoTo Meeting questions.

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If you have a GoTo Webinar and/or GoTo Training license, you can access them directly from the product.
Yes, there is a GoTo Meeting mobile app for iOS and Android users. You can manage and join meetings while on the go.
We support the latest 3 versions of the following browsers.

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If you need additional help, please reach out to your account manager or contact us.