How do I create a meeting?

Organizers can schedule meetings at any time. You can schedule a one-time meeting or a meeting room if you plan on reusing the session link. Watch Video
  1. Open the GoTo desktop app on your computer or sign in from a browser.
  2. Select + Create meeting.
  3. Use the Create a meeting window to specify the details of your new meeting. This is where you can add co-organizers (if your admin has enabled it), edit audio options, add passwords, and more.
    • One-time meeting – You want to host a single meeting on a certain day and time.
    • Reusable meeting room – You want to use the same meeting ID and link. To watch a video on reusable rooms, see here.
  4. Select Save when finished.
The new meeting will immediately be available in your Upcoming or Rooms tab.