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Organizer Guide

Learn how to use the in-session GoTo Meeting controls!

1Set up your audio and camera

When you first join, you'll be prompted to choose which audio method and camera you'd like to use and how you'll appear in the meeting upon launch. Click the Settings icon to switch audio modes or devices.

2Mute and unmute yourself

Control your audio using the Audio icon at the bottom of your Viewer, in the Attendee list, or Grab Tab. Your Audio icon glows green when you are unmuted and red when you are muted. Learn more.

You can switch between Computer and Phone audio by clicking the Settings icon.

3Manage attendees

The People pane displays all your meeting participants and gives you access to GoTo Meeting controls. Click the Arrow icon next to any participant's name to see all options, including the following:

4Invite others

In order to join, your attendees need either the Join URL or the 9-digit meeting ID. You can easily find and copy these meeting details to send.

  1. Click the People icon.
  2. At the bottom of the People pane, click Copy Meeting Link. This will copy the join URL to your clipboard, making it easy for you to paste anywhere.
  3. At the bottom of the People pane, click Invite People. This will open the "Invite people" window where you can copy the URL or generate an email invitation.

5Share your camera

Smile! You can start and stop sharing your camera using the Camera icon in the Viewer or Control Panel. Learn more.

Note: Do you want to preview your camera first? Select the Settings icon. You will instantly see a preview of your camera feed.

Show All | Hide All

To help save some space on your screen or to help improve your internet speed, you can hide the cameras that are being shared. Click the Camera Feed drop-down menu in the Viewer or Control Panel and Hide Everyone.
You can see advanced webcam options (zoom, brightness exposure) in the GoToMeeting Preferences window. Access the GoToMeeting Preferences and click Webcam in the left menu.
Sometimes it's easier to focus if your webcams are on a separate screen. You can undock the camera feeds from your Viewer window and move them independently around your screen by clicking the Undock icon in the side toolbar of the Viewer.

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6Share your screen

You can share your screen or even a specific application with other attendees in the meeting. Use the Screen button in the Viewer or Control Panel to quickly start and stop sharing your screen. Learn more.

7Chat with others

The Viewer and Control Panel includes a Chat pane where you can exchange messages with other participants. You'll be notified if you receive a chat and your Chat pane is minimized. Use the Send To drop-down menu to select your recipients:

  • Everyone - Send a message to all meeting attendees
  • Organizer(s) only - Send a message only to organizers and co-organizers.
  • Specific attendee - Send a private message to just that person.

You can save a .RTF file of the chat log by clicking GoToMeeting in the top menu and Save Chat Log. When prompted, select a place on your computer to save the file and click Save.

8Record your meeting

GoTo Meeting allows you to record your meetings (including shared screens and audio) and convert them to a shareable format. This allows you to easily share past meetings with others. Learn more.

  1. Click the Record icon on the Viewer or the Control Panel.
  2. Access your recording in the following places:
  • If you're recording to the cloud, find your recording in your web account.
  • If you're recording locally, the Recording Manager will automatically prompt you to convert the recording.

9Lock your meeting

You can lock your meeting to prevent unexpected attendees from joining your current session. That means you no longer have to worry about being disrupted by additional attendees if the session goes over the scheduled time and you have back to back meetings.

  1. Switch the "Meeting is locked" toggle to the On position.
  2. The Lock icon will close, and you'll be notified when an attendee attempts to join your session.
  3. To unlock and allow all waiting attendees to the meeting, switch the "Meeting is locked" toggle to the Off position. The Lock icon will switch to an open lock.

10Explore other tools

The GoTo Meeting menu offers additional features and tools for you to use during the session including checking your sound, editing your name and email, and editing your application preferences. To access the drop-down menu, click GoToMeeting at the top of the Viewer or Control Panel.

11Use the new GoTo app

The GoTo app is an always-on collaboration workplace with one point of access for all communication needs including messaging, meetings, voice, trainings, and webinars. If you'd like to try the new GoTo or are already on that version, view here.

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Select Settings in the left navigation menu and GoTo App.
  3. Enable the Use the new GoTo setting, then select Get the GoTo app to download the new app!
  4. The next time you host a meeting, you will be launched in the new meeting experience in the GoTo app.
Didn't find what you were looking for? If you're an attendee, view our Attendee User Guide. If you are on the new GoTo experience, view our GoTo app User Guide. If you need additional help, visit our support site or contact us.