What are Jive's star codes?

Use star codes to access extra features and functionality regardless of the model of phone you’re using.

Star Code Video Definition
Watch Video Searches the default dial by name directory.
*12   No action. Reserved for emergency services in some countries.
+ ext Watch Video Logs in and out of a call queue.
Watch Video Records a sound clip to be used in a dial plan or call queue (requires prompt recording permissions).
+ ext/tel Watch Video Records a single call (feature must be set up by a system admin). This cannot be used mid-call.
+ ext Watch Video Initiates call monitoring (requires monitoring permissions).
*19 Watch Video Changes personal dialable password (default 0000). This password is used with the dialable username to access permission-based tasks such as recording prompts, making international calls, and call monitoring. It is different from the voicemail password.
Watch Video Records personal directory name to be used in a dial by name directory.
Watch Video Records others’ directory names to be used in a dial by name directory (requires prompt recording permissions).
Watch Video Places a call on hold in a virtual parking spot on the system. There are an unlimited number of parking spots available. To park in a user-assigned spot, blind transfer to *37 + parking spot number (any number of digits, but it cannot start with 0). To park in a system-assigned spot, warm transfer to *37 (the system will notify you where the call is parked). To answer a parked call, dial *37 + parking spot number.
+ ext Watch Video Initiates hot desking allowing you to load your extension settings to a shared phone and use it as your own. Dial the same star code to log out of a shared phone. This feature is supported on Cisco MPP, Polycom, and Yealink only and must be enabled by a system admin on your user profile and each shared device..
+ tel Watch Video Blocks your number from a caller ID for a single call.
+ ext/tel Watch Video Activates server-side call forwarding—all incoming calls are forwarded to an internal extension or external number.
Watch Video De-activates server-side call forwarding.
*82 + tel Watch Video Overrides the Block Caller ID setting for a single call.
+ ext Watch Video Picks up a call ringing on another user’s phone (directed call pickup).
+ ext Watch Video Checks other extension, ring group, or shared voicemail boxes.
Watch Video Checks voicemail for the line assigned to the phone.
Watch Video Tests emergency services call notifications.
+ extension Watch Video Pages an individual phone, or even an entire ring group, by automatically activating their speakerphone (feature must be enabled on the recipient’s line).