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Port Existing Phone Numbers

    Submit a request to have your phone numbers transferred (or ported) over to us from your previous provider.
    Before you begin: Ensure you have met the following requirements with your current phone carrier:
    • Have a copy of your most recent phone bill.
    • Your account is in good standing.
    • No freezes or pending orders.
    • No disconnected numbers.
    Important: A $15 fee will be charged if your order is rejected for failure to meet any of above requirements.
    1. Sign in to GoTo Admin.
    2. From Phone system > Phone numbers, select + Port existing numbers.
    3. Select your Region, then select Next.
    4. Add your 10-digit phone number(s), then select Add.
      Note: You can also select Import numbers to upload a CSV file of phone numbers you would like to port.
    5. Enable the check box to confirm these numbers are connected to your existing account. Then select Next.
    6. Select the desired Port date. Then select Next.
      Important: Ports can be preformed no earlier than 6 days following the request and no longer than 30 calendar days following the request. Also, ports cannot be performed on weekend days or holidays.
    7. Use your recent phone bill to enter your carrier's information.
    8. Optional: Upload your phone bill to help avoid any delays in the transfer process.
    9. Enable the check box to confirm that this account is in good standing without any freezing or pending orders.
    10. Optional: Add Caller ID to your phone number(s). Then select Next.
    11. Optional: Add Directory listing to help make it easier for your customers to reach out to you.
    12. Carefully review and verify your port order and ensure all the details are accurate before selecting Next.
    13. Enter the name of the authorized account holder.
    14. Select Place order.

      Result: The request will show up in your Orders where you can track its progress. You will receive an email when we receive a transfer date (a.k.a. Firm Order Commitment (FOC)) from your current carrier. This may take a few days or more depending on your current carrier and the quality of the information you provided in your request.

    What to do next: You can proactively set up your dial plan and properly route the phone number while you wait for your port to transfer. You will be able to take calls as soon as the port is complete.
    Article last updated: 17 February, 2023