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How do I change the settings on a ring group?

    Update the settings on a ring group as needed.

    1. Sign in to GoTo Admin.
    2. From Phone System > Ring Groups, select the group that needs changes made.
      Tip: Select Download Icon to export all the ring groups into a single file list.
    3. From the Overview tab, change the following:
      • Details: Select Edit to make changes to the name or extension number.
        Note: Some extension numbers are reserved. To learn which extension numbers are reserved for other functions, refer to Which extensions are reserved?
      • Devices: View which devices have this ring group assigned to them.
      • Associated Resources: Locates the ring group in the admin portal. Navigate to that resource directly to make changes.
    4. From the Members tab, change the following:
      • Direct Extensions: Select Add Line to choose which direct extensions (lines) you want to be part of this ring group. Hover over existing lines and select Trash Can Icon to remove them.
      • Phone Numbers: Select Add Phone Number to choose which phone numbers you want to receive calls made to this ring group. Hover over existing numbers and select Trash Can Icon to remove them.
    5. From the Settings tab, change the following:
      • General: Choose your general settings such as forwarding preferences, what callers hear while they wait, or if this ring group can receive faxes.
      • Call Recording: Choose your call recording preferences if recording is enabled on your system.
      • Voicemail: Choose your voicemail password and other settings such as your greeting and notification preferences.
      • Alternate Voicemail Box: Choose if you want to receive voicemails to a box other than the one attached to the ring group.
    Tip: While on any tab in a ring group profile, you can Select three dots icon in the top-right to make changes to the overview page or delete the ring group. Use the breadcrumb on the top-left to go back to the main list or use the arrows to navigate each ring group's detail page.