How do I join a test session?

    Although we don't have an end-to-end test session put in place, you can use these steps to download the GoTo app and set your audio and camera preferences for future sessions.

    This test session downloads the GoTo desktop app. A training will not actually begin. Once you set your audio and camera preferences in the Camera preview screen, you may close the app.
    Attention: When it's time for the real session, attendees will be prompted to join from a browser or the desktop app.
    1. Select the Join Now button.

    2. A browser will open.

      • If you already have GoTo Training downloaded, select Join from my desktop then Open GoTo Opener (if prompted).
      • If you don't have GoTo Training downloaded, select Download the app and go through the installation flow.

    3. Once you see the Camera preview screen, you've successfully joined the test session we created!

      Note: If you do not reach the Camera preview screen, there was an issue along the way. Make sure you meet the View the GoTo Training System Requirements for Attendees.

    4. From this screen, you can do the following:

      • Enter or edit your name.
      • Turn your mic on and off.
      • Turn your camera on and off and test virtual backgrounds.
      • Choose your audio mode (computer audio, phone, or no audio).
      • Test your speakers by selecting the Play icon.
      Camera Preview Screen

    Results: The next time you join a real training, your preferences will be saved as is. You can close the GoTo desktop app