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Share My Camera

Share your camera and meet face-to-face with other attendees. Up to 50 (desktop app or web), 20 (iOS app), or 16 (Android app) cameras can be shared at once.

Troubleshooting: If you don't see the option to share your camera, the organizer may have disabled the feature or you may be using an unsupported camera. The maximum resolution is 1920p x 960p. If your webcam resolution is too high, you will see a "failed to connect" error message and will need to use a different webcam. As a note, up to 30 frames/second are supported, however, the frame rate depends on your webcam, lighting, network, and computer.
Attention: The navigation has been improved, but the settings shown in this video are the same.

Desktop app or web

Before you begin: Make sure you have allowed GoTo Training access permission as needed.
Before you join the training, you are taken to a Camera preview screen where you can select Camera ahead of time and adjust your camera preferences if desired.
  1. While in a session, select Camera in the lower toolbar. This will automatically share the default webcam device.
    Tip: To preview your camera before sharing, select Settings icon > Camera. Then select Share to begin sharing with others.
  2. If you have multiple webcam devices, select Settings icon > Camera to preview and choose your device. Alternatively, you can use the Camera menu in the lower toolbar.
  3. Optional: Zoom your camera in using the slider, and then pan your camera as desired by using either the arrows or by dragging and dropping the image to the preferred location.
    Note: This feature works with our blurred and virtual backgrounds and will only pan what's in the forefront. It also works seemlessy with efficiency mode and various camera resolutions as it is not dependent on your camera hardware or drivers. Any alterations to the camera zoom/pan settings will persist between sessions.
  4. Use the Camera menu to access other options such as virtual background or Mirror my video.
    Tip: Mirror my video is helpful if you are presenting something in the background (like a whiteboard) or your virtual background includes text. Disabling this setting allows you to view yourself/the text the way others do (by default, a reversed image of yourself is displayed when you share your camera). This does not impact how other participants view you, it only impacts your view of your video.
  5. To stop sharing, select Camera again.
If you aren't seeing the webcams option, check out our support article.

Mobile app

Up to 20 cameras (iOS app) or 16 cameras (Android app) can be shared at once.
  1. Open the GoTo mobile app on your device.
  2. Start or join a training.
  3. Select Camera > Turn camera on.
  4. To stop sharing, select Camera again.