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How do I rearrange the camera feeds?

    Because up to 50 cameras can be shared during a session, your screen may start to look busy. Change the camera filter and position to free up some screen space and help you focus.

    Filter cameras including mine

    When multiple attendees are sharing their cameras, you can choose to see only the presenter's camera, the camera of current speaker, or no camera at all. Additionally, you can choose to display your own camera or hide it.

    Note: If there are more than 25 webcams being shared, we recommend switching to Active cameras or Who's talking mode.
    1. Select Change Layout Icon in the top toolbar.
    2. Choose a filter.
      • Everyone – Display all attendees in the training (those not sharing their camera will have initials).
      • Who's talking – Display only the current speaker.
      • Active cameras – Display only those who are actively sharing a webcam.
      • Hide everyone – Display no webcam. This will help increase bandwidth if you are having internet issues.
    3. To hide your own camera (and still share with attendees), disable the Show me my camera setting.
      Important: Doing so will remove your camera feed from your window. Your camera will continue to be shared with others.

    Change camera positions

    When a presenter is sharing their screen, you can rearrange the camera feed and presentation so you can focus on what's important to you.

    This feature is only available when someone else is sharing their screen.
    1. Select Change Layout Icon in the top toolbar.
    2. Choose where you want the camera feeds positioned.
    3. Use the sliding scale to enlarge or shrink the camera feeds and shared screen.
      Change Camera Feed View