How do I prepare my phone system for a holiday?

Customize your phone system features to use during a holiday or holiday season.
  1. If you are not already, log in to your admin portal.
  2. Update your current dial plan if you will have employees or departments taking time off.
  3. Record a holiday greeting. This greeting sound clip can be added to your dial plan in a later step.
  4. Customize your hold music to holiday specific songs.
  5. Create a new schedule if you will have changes to your regular operating hours:

    Tip: Remember you can clone your dial plan, make edits within that copy and then try it out without altering your original dial plan. This can be very useful when trying something new!

    1. Select Phone system > Utilities > Schedules.
    2. Choose the existing schedule you want to change or select + Add schedule to create a new schedule.
    3. From the Schedule tab, select edit icon Edit schedule.
    4. Adjust your operating hours as needed and select Save.
  6. If you will be closed on a holiday and need to adjust your call flow:
    1. Select the Holidays tab, select + Add holiday.
    2. Enter a Name, Start Date, and End Date for the holiday.

      Note: Holidays do not automatically recur each year for example, you must add Christmas each year.

    3. Verify you have the correct year and select Save.
  7. If you have created or updated a holiday or schedule, now add it to your dial plan:
    1. Select Phone system > Call routes > Dial plans and then choose the dial plan that uses the schedule you just changed/created.

      Result: The dial plan editor will launch.

    2. Locate the Schedule node in your dial plan and choose your new holiday from the drop-down menu.
    3. Optional: Add the Play Sound Clip node to your Schedule node's path for When on Holiday and choose the holiday greeting sound clip (from the drop-down menu) you created above in step 3.

      holiday schedule example

    4. Verify all paths of the Schedule utility node for When Open, When Closed, and When on Holiday are accurate.
    5. Select Save.
  8. Turn on call forwarding if you'll be out of the office, and make sure your users also know how to turn on call forwarding.
  9. Update your voicemail greeting and encourage all users to do the same for time off or for office closures to let callers know when they can expect a call back.