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How do I add a voicemail greeting in GoTo Admin?

Generic voicemail greetings are automatically created whenever you add a direct extension, ring group, or shared voicemail. You can record new or upload existing personal messages for your callers when unavailable to answer a call.
These steps are for adding a voicemail greeting to a specific user or group's extension from within GoTo Admin. If you want to add an auto attendant greeting to a dial plan for your entire phone system or a part of your call flow, refer to How do I add a sound clip or music file?. If you want to add a voicemail greeting from a desk phone, desktop or mobile app, please refer to these steps.
Before you begin: You must be assigned the Super admin role to perform this task.
  1. Sign in to GoTo Admin.
  2. From Phone system, select Direct extensions (also known as a line), Ring groups, or Shared voicemail, and then select the specific extension that needs a new or updated voicemail greeting.
  3. Select Settings > Voicemail > Outgoing message options.
  4. Choose which type of voicemail greeting you need to change:
    Greeting Description
    Busy message Alternate greeting for use in a dial plan only.
    Unavailable message Default, most common.
    Temporary message When recorded, this message overrides any other greetings until it is deleted.
  5. If you need to remove an existing voicemail, select the X next to it.
  6. Choose how you want to add the voicemail greeting:
    Option Description
    Select Choose an existing sound clip in your audio library from the dropdown menu.
    Upload Choose an existing sound file from your computer.
    Record Record a new greeting. Re-record as needed. Choose a volume normalization level.
  7. Select Save or Apply.