How do I Create Tickets in the Console?

    As an agent, you can create tickets on behalf of end-users.
    1. Sign in to the Console at
    2. Go to Helpdesk and choose Add new ticket in the top-right.

      The Ticket details page appears.

    3. Make sure the correct Helpdesk service is selected at the top of the page. That's the channel where you will create a ticket.

      The ticket will be channeled to the agents of the selected helpdesk service.

      Note: In Microsoft Teams and in Slack, notifications are automatically sent to the configured channel of that helpdesk service and to the end-user who created the ticket.

    4. Fill in the details of your ticket.

      To add comments, see How do I Add Comments to a Ticket in the Console?

      To tag your ticket, see How do I Add Tags to Tickets?

      By selecting Hide comment from end-user, the end-user will not see that comment when receiving an email notification about the new ticket.

    5. Save your changes.
    Tip: You can set up alerts when a ticket is created or modified. See How do I Set up Email Notifications in GoTo Resolve?
    Note: Tickets are kept permanently in GoTo Resolve until you manually delete them. This applies to tickets created in the Console, Microsoft Teams, and Slack as well.

    For more ticketing-related questions, see our Ticketing FAQs.

    Article last updated: 11 November, 2022