How do I Create a Ticket from an Email?

    All you need to know is the email address of the helpdesk service where you want to create a ticket. Ask your GoTo Resolve administrator for the proper email address.

    Note: Administrators should assign an email address to the helpdesk channel when adding helpdesk services.
    When you create a new helpdesk ticket from an email, you should consider the following:
    • You can use any email client, such as Microsoft Outlook to create a helpdesk ticket
    • Send your email to the email address of the helpdesk service
    • The subject of your email will be the subject of the ticket
    • The content of your email will be the summary of the issue
    Note: You cannot customize the auto-reply that the system sends when a ticket is created.
    Tip: You can set up alerts when a ticket is created or modified. See How do I Set up Email Notifications in GoTo Resolve?
    Note: Tickets are kept permanently in GoTo Resolve until you manually delete them. This applies to tickets created in the Console, Microsoft Teams, and Slack as well.

    For more ticketing-related questions, see our Ticketing FAQs.

    Article last updated: 11 November, 2022