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Ticketing FAQs

    How do I add the GoTo Resolve Microsoft Teams app to my Teams environment?

    How do I create Helpdesk services for ticketing?

    1. Sign in to the Admin Center at
    2. Go to Settings > Helpdesk.
    3. On the Helpdesk services tab, click Add servicing group.

    Can I import the tickets from my existing ticketing system into GoTo Resolve?


    Can end-users have access to the ticketing portal?

    Yes, they can access the Portal at For more information, see About the End-user Portal

    Can end-users create tickets by sending e-mails?

    Can end-users create tickets from Slack?

    Will you offer other ticketing integrations other than Microsoft Teams and Slack?

    Our current roadmap does not include any other ticketing integration.

    How long are tickets saved for?

    Tickets are kept permanently in GoTo Resolve until you manually delete them. This applies to tickets created in the Console, Microsoft Teams, and Slack as well.

    Is there a way to automatically delete tickets after a certain period of time?

    No. You can only manually delete tickets.

    Is there a way to automatically change the status or priority of tickets that are not picked up by any agent for X days?

    Currently, this is not possible.

    Is it possible to run reports on deleted tickets?

    Currently, this is not possible.

    Does an end-user or agent get an email/notification about the deletion of a ticket?

    There is no notification sent when a ticket gets deleted.

    Can I restore a deleted ticket?

    No, a deleted ticket cannot be restored.

    Article last updated: 20 December, 2022